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A fun, fun, fun, day was had today. Our first task was installing the rebuilt water pumps into the "B". The old connections were cleaned of what remained of the old gaskets, grease, and rust. That took the better part of the morning. They attach to the front part of the block, one on either side where the open holes are. [attachment=31394]

Here they are installed and gasketed up. One more flexible pipe needs to be run from the pump to the expansion tank right behind them, but we need to get those still. And yes, we are one bolt short, that will have to be taken care of before we torque that one down.[attachment=31393]

Then it was over to the SW-1 to wrestle the rear section of the hood off. After lots of grinding, cutting, and swearing we gave it our first attempt at lifting the stack section of the hood off. It just wouldn't come off. Metal creaked and moaned, the locomotives weight was lifted off the truck springs, sledge hammers were swung. but still nothing. It held fast to the rear section of the hood. We then repositioned the straps and just lifted the rear hood to try to break it free from underneath as seen here in this pic,,,,but still nothing.[attachment=31392]
With that idea not working it was then decided to lift the two sections off together.[attachment=31399] Metal twisted, groaned, and creaked , but still more of the same , she was not coming off without a fight. At this point this song was playing over and over in my head. <!-- m --><a class="postlink" href="https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=5kAnqAlTnS0">https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=5kAnqAlTnS0</a><!-- m -->
Then BANG she was free.[attachment=31398]



And then finely she was on the ground. Once there we were able to break the stack section free from the rear hood section.[attachment=31395]
I almost forget to post this... With BLW 0-6-0 #26 complete The next steam project is now starting up. <!-- m --><a class="postlink" href="http://project3713.com/wp/">http://project3713.com/wp/</a><!-- m -->
Boston and Main 4-6-2 # 3713 Called the constitution, will be returning to passenger service in the next 5 to 7 years, hopefully . At this point all the appliances are being inspected and sent out for rebuilds. The PRR boxcar containing these parts has been moved inside the restoration shop so this can take place.

So at this time just in the eastern PA area we have this engine and one Reading t-1,2102 being restored to operation. an additional t-1, 2100 in Baltimore MD is also being restored. The next few years will be very interesting here. Now if we could only get the park service to get there T-1 going Wink Wink Wink

<!-- m --><a class="postlink" href="http://www.tnonline.com/2016/jan/30/sleeping-giant">http://www.tnonline.com/2016/jan/30/sleeping-giant</a><!-- m -->

<!-- m --><a class="postlink" href="https://www.fireup2100.org/2015/04/fire-up-reading-company-2100-announcement/">https://www.fireup2100.org/2015/04/fire ... ouncement/</a><!-- m -->
Today we removed the Fan/Radiator hatch off the roof of 664. There are some water leaks to repair, and the top deck needs to come off one side of the 567 prime mover to repair a leaky oil gasket.


A few shots from the inside as the hatch was coming off.


And it's Off, This one gave us a lot less trouble than the SW-1. The last time this was off was 1986 when all the guts from a CF-7 were used to bring this unit back to life at the Reading shops.[attachment=31401]
Thanks for these updates Steve, I enjoy seeing the work you guys do.
The hatch will be placed on some wood blocking on the floor next to 664 for repairs. Those are the radiators under the roof section. The box in the back houses the controls for the fans. The front section holds the intakes where the air filters go, They then direct air into the blowers underneath them. [attachment=31406]

Not a view that most people get to see, so here it is A convertible F-3. The oil leak is coming from the section in the upper right part of the engine right under the cover with the handles on it. There are four of these on a 16 cylinder block like this. [attachment=31405]
Great pics! Thanks for taking the time to post these and keeping us up to date on repairs! Big Grin Thumbsup Thumbsup
ngauger Wrote:Great pics! Thanks for taking the time to post these and keeping us up to date on repairs! Big Grin Thumbsup Thumbsup

Yeah, I will second that statement. A very educational serial post, and a chance to see parts and places on locos that most wouldnt have the chance to.
Keep up the good work, and tell the crew we are watching with interest.
Thanks for posting this series. Keep up the great work, we appreciate your efforts.
Thanks from me, too.
How much of the roof comes off? It looks as if there's another hatch where you were standing, and there are eyebolts at the front.
There are two more roof hatches. One at the rear of the unit where I am standingn. It acts as acces to the steam generator for passenger car heat, And a foward hatch where the water tanks are housed. These tanks suplied water to the generator. The water tanks can be seen in the last pic hanging from that hatch, but the steam generator was removed and replaced with a concrete weight some time ago. If this was a freight unit like 663 the dynamic brakes would be in the front hatch, and a similar concrete weight under the rear one.
Had a nice size crew today and a lot was done.

All the bolts were removed that hold down the 567's engine covers in place. This side was lifted off and placed on the floor upside down.

In this position the old, bad gasket can be removed and a new one installed.

While that was going on the bolts holding the radiators in place were all removed by a bunch of lazy people lying around on the floor.

Using a section of boiler tube and the crane we lowered them onto the floor for removal.

That's great!! I love these progress pics! Smile Smile Smile
We are moving right along,,, But now it looks like we are going to have to remove the top deck on both sides of our prime mover. five of the six radiator sections have been taken out and sent out to be rebuilt, # six , the one at the far end of the pictures from last week, is giving us some trouble.

We also had some trouble with the gaskets for the top decks. In this pic you can see where the engine block attaches to the timing cover, the section sticking up on the left with the bolt holes in it. That gasket extends past the top of the block and requires the whole timing assembly to be removed. This is a lot of time consuming work to get remove. Time is a thing that we do not have a lot of, because excursion season is coming up quickly. So we will do an alternative repair to the vertical gasket as to not disturb the timing section. The same problem also exists at the front of the block near the blowers. New gaskets will be cut for both ends , 4 total, and the top deck reinstalled.


Otherwise the gasket is ready to go for the rest of the deck.


And the other side is now ready to be removed.


While all of this was going on, just one track over, A class was given to a group of engineers on operating the Number 6-ET brake on the 26.

More parts going back on today.

We tightened down and placed the last of the gaskets on 664's top this morning, installed the gaskets on all the exhaust ports .

The exhaust baffles were craned into position.



Then bolted down in place.[attachment=31416]
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