Full Version: CNR T Class Santa Fe steam locomotives
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The T class was assigned road numbers 4000-4732 for the 2-10-2 Santa Fe types.The class totalled 93 locomotives ten of which came from the Boston and Albany Railroad in 1928.Originally numbered in the 4200's they were renumbered in 1957 to 4100's.These locomotives were extensively altered adding many CNR features including the Elesco Feedwater Heater and enclosed cabs to name just a few.Here's T3A #4193 which is in existence today on the Leetown Division.This locomotive was created by Wayne Toth and is one of my favourite models.


For anyone interested, here's a LINK to the original model and its re-build into the locomotive shown above.
Somehow I missed this thread, thanks, seeing the results of Wayne's work is always a pleasure. The details are amazing. Worship