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With the arrival of diesels many main-line railroads sold off their steam power and many of these locomotives found very productive new lives on other roads.The Elora Gorge & Eastern took advantage of this opportunity and purchased two classic steamers which have out-performed many of their diesel counterparts on the Leetown Division 

WPMA-29 pulls empty grain cars from Absecon Mills.


WPMA-17 makes it's way back to the Mannheim Yard after picking up loads from the Agway Elevator in St James.


More EG&E on the Leetown Division

"which have out-performed many of their diesel counterparts"

If they out preformed the diesels why did they get rid of the steamers?   Icon_question Icon_e_ugeek
Hello Mike---in the real world saving money is the corporate goal and even when steam locomotives performed as good as or even better than diesels but because steam was more labour intensive requiring more employees which made them more expensive to operate the powers that be choose to keep the cheaper to operate diesels and reduce their workforce.Fortunately on the Leetown Division management is and always will be a steam first entity.
This graffiti car was at the Agway Elevators.