Full Version: I remember this day
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Not too many of us around that remember this day some 78 years ago. I do remember the president's address on the radio. I was too young to understand then, but I knew something serious happened. Even though, I will never forget that day and those to follow. Every day, the newspaper and the newsreels at the local theater told us of the wars going on in other parts of the world.

I was getting on an elevator the other day and a guy was getting off wearing a, "WWII veteran" hat. I wanted to thank him, but he was gone in a flash. Thanks to him and the thousands of others, we are free to have this venue to discuss trains, modeling and other things. We can travel freely without fear, we have enough to eat and we can work where we choose.

Remember those that gave their all for our freedom, and thank a vet if you have the chance.
Well said Don---I too will always remember the signifigance of this day
Saw a lot of Flags at Half-Mast today...  

Always Remember!!
Never Forget!!
My Dad fought in the Philippines during WWII and to the day he died he wouldn't buy anything made in Japan.