Full Version: Whatever happened to challenges...
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It seems like the Contests and Challenges use to be a big part of many of these online forums. I know a bunch of people have migrated to Facebook, but very few, if any, ever have challenges with any parameters. Maybe those who participated have all moved away from forums or are just no longer in the hobby. For me, I know something that challenges me, and also a deadline gets me working on things. 

Would anyone be up for bringing back the old Challenge tradition?

We're always open to ideas and any suggestions for any challenge ideas or themes.
The Holidays are a busy time for most people so if we did have a Challenge, t would be a Winter one.
Maybe from January to March?

If you have any ideas on what you would like as a theme, PM Don or me and we will consider it.
Thanks for the wake-up call Greg. I've thought about challenges, it's been a long time since we had one and the last few weren't that well attended. I guess the migration to social sites and the decline of the forum has a lot to do with it. That having been said, like Mikey, I'm open to any challenge that we can conjure up.

Let us know, a build challenge, a photo challenge, we've had a lot of them, send us your suggestions, we'll get one going for sure. 2285_ 2285_
Greg, we opened a challenge a week ago. You have a couple of PM's waiting and an email. We're now looking for anyone interested in entering the challenge.