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...although I doubt that I'll be able to stand on one foot for all that long.

Anyway, I've recently been doing some work on the lower part of my layout, motorising, and/or at least making a number of now hard-to-reach (because of the second level over that area) turnouts remotely controlled.  I'm using Rapido RailCrew motors for four of them, BluePoint switch devices for at least five of them (I have another 10 available), and, if I can overcome installation difficulties, four more using PFM/Fulgurex turnout motors.

While all of the above wouldn't seem at all related to this Challenge, the fact that I will no longer need to reach in to flip Caboose Industries turnout devices means that I can fill-in some areas which might benefit, visually, from having something there other than patches of Woodland Scenics ground foam.

The idea came to me just tonight (it's just past 3:00 AM here - prime time for doin' stuff that doesn't make too much noise), and I think that I can build a square foot's-worth of something to fill-in those vacant spots.

These first two photos show a couple of Train Miniature boxcars that were damaged when I was removing the original paint, in order to detail and re-paint them.  Both suffered large cracks in one side of the body, and while I cemented them back together, the flaws were still somewhat noticeable. 
Luckily, on an around-the-room-layout, the backside of most structures is seldom visible, although I do place the camera on-layout to get views which are otherwise unavailable.
I made one car into a shed for MoW crews and material, as seen here...


...and another into a temporary freighthouse for LCL shipments near the Elfrida station...


However, both cars were originally PRR X-29 boxcars, which were very prominent in my late '30s layout era (almost 29,000 real ones were built), and would not have been downgraded to such uses at that time.  Eventually realising that, they were given to a friend who models the '50s, for use as railroad outbuildings.

Here's the vacant area near the Lowbanks shop where the MoW shed stood...


...and the now-vacant spot in Elfrida...


Here's another possible site in Elfrida...


...and a place in Lowbanks, east of the car shop...


...and another west of the car shop...


This empty space, across the track from the oil house, which is behind the loco shop, will be the re-fueling site for the Bee, which calls for a tank of some sort, and perhaps a pump house...


I don't have any drawn plans for what will be built, but seldom do, so we'll see which spaces get used (all, I hope) and what ends-up in each.
The total area covered may exceed the 12"x12" limit though, in which case I'll simply choose the ones which come closest to that total...or maybe do them all as a cubic foot rather than a square foot.

Here's some of what I'll be using for materials, but I do have lots more from which to choose...


Welcome Wayne, great ideas there, we never said that the "one square foot", (or thereabouts), had to be contiguous. Thanks for joining in. Applause
And if you are a little over one square foot we won't send the Model Railroad police over to confiscate your stuff! Big Grin
(03-10-2020, 06:35 AM)Tyson Rayles Wrote: [ -> ]And if you are a little over one square foot we won't send the Model Railroad police over to confiscate your stuff! Big Grin

Wait just a minute, I'm kind of low on that Evergreen stuff. Misngth Rules are rule you know... Oh, I just remembered, I'm kind of over a bit as well.... Icon_redface I'll just have to find my way to the LHS. Goldth
Well, I've at least made a little progress, despite multiple interruptions for other stuff.

Here are some cut-out wall sections...


...that have been assembled...


...and a support structure for the roof added...


Here's a view of the front...


...and the rear...


...and a look with the roof removed...


As you can see, the rooms' ceilings come off with the roof, just in case I decide, at a later date, to add some interior details.

Time now to give the building and its doors and windows a bath, in preparation for paint.

Nice work Wayne!
Yup, I agree, like the idea of being able to detail the inside later on. Applause
Thanks guys. Icon_e_smile

I figured that it might look a bit better with some paint, too, so here are a couple of pictures... 

...here's the front, or at least the side which will be most-seen (with its roof shingled) ....


...and an end...


...and this is the rear, which will face the tracks beneath the overhead crane...still visible enough, I think...


Next job is finishing the roof...or maybe starting another structure.

I vote for finishing the roof!
Great job, I vote for whatever pleases you at the time. Knowing you, the roof will eventually get done regardless of what you choose....
Great ideas Wayne!!!

We're all a bit larger then we should be..... some of us at "our" beltline too   Eek Eek
Well, I did opt for finishing the roof, mainly to get it off the workbench....



...but by the time I had finished, it wasn't yet even 4:00AM, so I decided to also start the next one, which will be the replacement for the former boxcar LCL warehouse at Elfrida....


I did only about a third of it this morning, but finished-off the support structure about an hour ago.

The angle iron attachments to the 12"x12" framework, to keep the floor joists in alignment, aren't likely very prototypical, but I wanted to create very solid joints, so that after I croak, somebody who wants this structure can dig it out of the scenery with little-to-no-damage.  (it needs to be installed in scenery, mainly because not all of the "pilings" are the same length, with some hovering above current "ground-level" - one of the side-effects of using a Chopper on fairly heavy stock is that the blade ends-up pushing the material against the stop which sets the length, with the result that each cut nudges it a few thou further out of whack.  The hovering ones are those cut to the proper length).

My plan...who am I kidding?  Okay, I might make a sketch or take a couple of measurements, but most of this stuff just comes to me and seems to develop on its own.  The building will be roughly the same size as the wayward boxcar, but with a bit of a platform on the side where vehicles can pick-up or drop-off shipments.

Again, nothin' fancy...well, maybe a smokejack, but no plumbing vent...the station is only steps away for such emergencies.

Next step is to finish the details on the support structure, then paint most of it, leaving the top surfaces of the joists
unpainted, to allow floorboards to be cemented in place.

The roof is great! Nice start on the warehouse.
Yeah, I do like that roof. Nice job. Worship Worship
Yup! The roof turned out great!!
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