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After several weeks of research here is the planned industries for my new 94/95 Slate Cree ISL.. These are based on real industries.

Tri-State Polymers. In plastic pellets and plasticizer. Out: empty covered hoppers and tank cars.

Pattons Distribution. In tobacco and alcohol beverages.  Out: 50 and 60' boxcars. 

Weston Manufacturing. In Steel coils and occasional empty gon . Out Empty coil and mill gon. A occasional  load  of production scrap in 50' gons.

Zimmers Frozen Foods. In meats and vegetables . Out: Empty 64' reefers. 

Hunnicut Printing Corporation In rolls of paper and ink.  Out: Empty 50' boxcars and tankcars.

Standard American  Recyclers Inc. In scrap rubber and empty covered hoppers. Out: Empty 50' boxcars and covered hoppers of rubber graduals.

Considine Industries. In Carbon Black and a occasional empty 60' boxcar. Out Empty carbon black hoppers and occasional load of rubber automotive floor matts in 60' boxcars.. 

Mid State Tire Distribution. In automobile and truck tires in 50' boxcars. Out: Empty 50' boxcars.

Reliance Universal In  canstock and empties. Out: Empty 50' and  loaded 50' boxcars of  food cans.

The Transload track is still in the planning stage and will include a lumber and home improvement company, structure steel shape distributor and  a crush glass shipper.

The new Slate Creek will be 18" x 16'.. I plan to include a trailer drop lot, two street crossings-where's the fun if you don't block street crossings during switching moves?- and a three track yard for holding cars for Tri-State Polymers and Hunnicut   Printing.  

Slate Creek will be home to Summerset Ry, Slate Creek Rail and CR's  Slate Street Industrial Lead which of course is fictional. I  have several CR GP38-2s, 2 SD38s and a SD40-2.  I might add NS Slate Road Industrial since I have two Atlas NS high hood GP38s.. 

Back on SSRy the owner a Mr. Thoron owns several locomotive lettered for SCL, Seaboard System  and a C&O RS-1 all of these engines are stored serviceable and is used from time to time at his direction.  

He also owns a Santa Fe 2-8-0 that sees service two or three times a year.. A steam locomotive crew is hired from a local steam powered museum.  Mr. Thoron keeps his locomotives in a warehouse he owns that features two inside tracks. His long term plan is to build a three stall diesel house where the warehouse now stands. He also owns seven cabooses and a heavy weight observation that is stored on SCR.
This sounds like an interesting plan, Larry, so I think I'm going to enjoy following your progress.

Larry, that sounds like a very busy industrial railroad, It's going to be fun watching it grow and I'm sure, fun for you doing it . 2285_
Looking forward to it Larry
Cripes Larry, thats a lot of industries, I can tell operations is top priority on your layout, AWESOME!  Icon_e_biggrin
Very much looking forward to see the updates on it Applause Applause Applause
Deano, Six of those industries will be Walthers background buildings while three will be full buildings. I want to leave room for scenery like two street crossings, a trailer drop lot, that three track yard and if space permits maybe two small non-rail served industries or a truck weigh station... This is my first 18" x 16' ISL so, I may have more room then I think.

Sadly my two helpers are under Ohio's "shelter in place" order so, construction is delayed until this virus mess ends.
Don't worry, Larry, we're patient and caution is probably the best course these days.

That sounds like a nice mix of industries. I can’t wait to see you bring this to life!
As a update the lumber I had was cut into kindling wood and was replaced by a 4x8' that has been cut into two 2' x 8' sections and the bench work is under construction. When it is finished they will deliver it and set it up.

With this added width I can add more scenery and both rail served and non-rail served.
Slate Creek version 2.  There is a era change in progress.. I recently picked up a Sunset Santa Fe 2-8-2  so, I have two Santa Fe steam engines and 34 KD 40' boxcars that I started collecting around 2000. I plan on adding several Accurail  reefers, boxcars and gons.

The layout will be a protolance  end of  a branch line probably in Louisiana. I'm leaning toward a branch between Oakdale and Alexander Louisiana since Santa Fe went to Oakdale..

Why the change?

I started down an all steam layout starting back in 2000 and figure at my age (72) its now or never. I also waited on the price of United Santa Fe 1950 class to drop in price.  I had one of those 2-8-0s back in the 60s and always regretted selling it.
" I had one of those 2-8-0s back in the 60s and always regretted selling it. "

We all have been down that road Larry!
There's yet another delay.. I'm recovering from another acute COPD attack with pneumonia . AGH!

Maybe at my age and health condition I should keep it simple.
As someone with the same problems I wish you a speedy recovery!
Yes, I hope that you'll soon be well again, Larry.

Guys, As of now I'm hold at 95 on room air so, I no longer need my oxygen..

At any rate I hope to start laying track next week. I will plan as I go.. What that means I will lay the track in various positions until I like what I see and then spike it in place.
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