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Just checking to see how everybody is doing.
I'm doing remarkably well but then I've always been kind of a loner with only a few close friends. Hang in there, everyone. As a famous person once said "This too shall pass."

Doing OK under the circumstances. Just can't arrange any free time, and if I could, I'm not suppose to go anywhere anyway...... Nope
I'm doing well. My wife is a nurse at our local hospital. Until yesterday she had not needed to go into any of the isolation wards. Yesterday after work she told me that she thought that a couple of her patients might be positive for covid19. Nothing that we can do about it but pray and hope it is not the case. The 2 patients in question were not in the isolation ward, but she thought that they were showing symptoms.
Russ I hope nothing comes of your wife's encounter with those patients.
We are doing fine, a little stir crazy at times. We are on edge. My wife is high risk with her underlying conditions. She is limiting her time outside. Since the stay at home has started she has been in a store twice. She does drive sometimes when my daughter and I have to go pharmacy or grocery store. We do spend time outside gardening and doing yardwork but no walks. Too many people not wearing masks and/or not practicing social distancing. However the scariest thing is my father-in-law is in a nursing home. It is the county home and very well run and the care is great. They have 12 cases at the moment. We get a letter from them once a week updating us. The facility has several buildings and can isolate cases when necessary. One of the facilities we looked at placing him in the PA National Guard had to come in and help since they have so many staff and residents infected. They have also had several deaths.

Russ hope all stays well.
Hello, Mike, I too am just checking in to say hello! Been several years but lots of names still here, good to see.
We are staying home; i'm able to work remotely, she is taking an unpaid vacation Big Grin
I hope every one is OK; this is a terrible thing but we will hopefully come out on the other side.
I keep telling my daughter (in Virginia), Stay Home! Wear a Mask! I hope she is listening. They are like us, she is able to remote,
while my son-in-law Chris is having to take a break.
Anyway, y'all stay safe and run trains!
The boss lady & I are both working.  She was home since this started and just went back to work last Monday, 4 days/week. I work in a warehouse and considered essential, so I was only home a week at the beginning and have been working every other day.

I start back full time a week from Monday.  I have the same issues as the rest of you.  My brother is in an adult care facility. Out of 27 people, 2 have the virus.  He's still ok though.

Our Governor updated the mask wearing so that we aren't allowed in any store without a mask.  There's a lot more people wearing them now.

Everyone stay safe!!
Good morning everyone, masks aren't mandatory here and from observation, probably less than half are wearing them. I've noticed that not one jogger, walker or bike rider had one on, a lot more people have them on going to the Post Office than in Walmart. All Walmart employees have them on now, not true in other stores. Our Governor is allowing elective surgery starting May 1 and plans on loosening up other activities a bit at a time, he just hasn't said how or what. A friend said that the long line at Home Depot is because they're regulating how many people are in the store at one time. Two people leave, two are allowed to go in. I think Walmart is doing that as well, since there is a short line going in and they do hold you back for some reason.

Going to call our yard guy today, I see a few yard maintenance trucks around now but no where's near what I usually see. I think a lot of folks are confused as to what they can and cannot do.

Guesser's guesses are mixed, most show tomorrow as our first 100, others have it today. Regardless, it'll be hot and we may have to turn on the A/C pretty soon. Tomorrow's guesses are between 100 and 104.
49 with drizzle this morning Don. Everybody here is O.K. There hasn't been a single case of the virus reported in this or the next county. Of the six most western counties in the state there have only been about 8 confirmed cases and no deaths that I know of.
Since my last post neither my wife nor I have been sick. Fingers crossed and praying that we continue to stay well.
A few weeks ago the CDC commented that before this is all finished, everyone will know at least someone who has the virus.
One friend has a fever and she tested negative for Corona, her sister has a fever and is waiting for her results...
Still don't know or have heard of anybody around here who has the virus. However at 34 with sleet this morning hypothermia could be a problem! Big Grin
28 here but no sleet. I did miss out on a couple of hugs because of this virus.

We're doing OK, health-wise, we've still got our old ailments, nothing new and so far, we don't know anyone that has contacted the virus. Our only risk is shopping or getting gas. Got a call from Blue Cross telling us that if we chose to do a doctor visit by phone or the Internet, they will waive any co-pays. So far, I've had two with specialists, and as usual, I had to wait past the appointed time for them to call. We don't have a co-pay with our regular PCP anyway, but I like this idea when the doctor just looks at the X-ray or other test results and they don't have to examine you or do anything but give you the results.

Still not sure, is wearing a mask for protecting yourself or everyone else?
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