Full Version: One Square Foot (or thereabouts) voting poll
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(05-21-2020, 08:53 AM)cid Wrote: [ -> ]A totally scratch built S scale caboose.  Standard or narrow gauge, your choice. Just a display item.  Sitting on track, but no scenery required.  Allow plenty of time for folks to find plans
and pieces like wheels and couplers.  I don't really even know where to start looking.  The idea would be a real to expand modelling horizons and provide a relatively
flat playing field scale-wise.

Thanks for the input. Not sure though how many modelers would go out of their scale to do that. But then again, we've never tried before either, so we're open to new ideas like this...
Well, yes,, Don, I guess that's what I wondered. It could be an all-inclusive contest because almost everyone would be on new ground. And how different is making a model between scales?? Maybe trucks, wheels, couplers require purchasing, but...they don't have to actually operate.

I gravitate toward HO but currently am working (if u can call it that) on an N layout. But I have always thought that 1/64th was a "perfect" model railroad scale as far as modelling
opportunities for better detail without using a microscope Big Grin Even though I have zero knowledge of it...

Anyway, this is supposed to be a "challenge". And really the "contest" is with oneself!
And maybe, other folks are free to add in their 0.02...   Scale preferences are obvious, but this is not about that...I don't think! Misngth

I've never built anything 1/64th, except for a few model hot rods...back in the daySmile
When I was a kid I had American Flyer as I never liked Lionel's third rail. That said I hate to spend time and money on something I would never use. I had looked at On30 and may yet do a mini layout in that scale, but S is pretty much a dead scale and impossible to get parts for when you live in the middle if nowhere like I do. So for now it's N Scale or golf! Big Grin
One thing we try to do is to have challenges that don't require us to go out and spend lots of money for supplies, equipment or parts. As a matter of fact, we had a challenge a few years ago that required participants to use only things they already had. It made us think a bit and maybe do a few things differently, but it was fun and basically cost nothing more than we had already spent. I kind of like that, especially now when we can't just go out and buy stuff. Even ordering things on the Internet has its complications right now. I needed a tube of glue, had to order a minimum of a dozen tubes, and they still aren't here after two weeks, held in a UPS facility, "due to events beyond our control".
All good points Don!
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