Full Version: modeling dilemma
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I recently got 4 tichy  war emergency gons  in nyc black , the dilemma after research I found that the nyc cars had miner style  handbrake 
the tichy kit has a ajax power handbrake  
on research I found an at&sf that looked like the tichy kit
as I have two unpainted kit finished I can make them at&sf with no problem , the dilemma is it worth the time and trouble to modify the nyc cars the brake kits that come with cars have a rudimentary miner handle . the nyc cars all had broken stirrup steps so I'm having to replace them anyway.
Probably no one will know that, so if it's important to you do it other wise don't worry with it.
well for certain no one will notice as no one sees my layout , or any finished projects (lone wolf modeler) . so what I was asking would it be worth it to someone else.
Ah, but now we all know of the problem, and my guess is that that will be enough incentive for you to make things right.  That's usually enough to light a fire under me, too.

The point should be, is it worth it to you. I'm battling a few small issues on what I'm currently doing on my layout that someone else might not notice or even care about, but I do and I want it to be right for me. I might not care, or even be aware, if a particular thing is exactly prototypical, but if you care, then fix it, because it'll bug you until you do....
I dunno.. I would fix the stirrups and study on making the miner style handbrake but, I would more then likely use the brake wheel as is since the miner sticks out and is a good candidate for getting broken off.