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Hello Everyone---to celebrate CN's 25th anniversary as a private sector entity CN is creating a Heritage Fleet which may consist of 25 locomotives painted in all the roads that were incorporated into the CN system---much like Norfolk Southern's heritage fleet.These locomotives are being painted at Centralia IL. and then being shipped to Canada.Today 4 units are on CN 396 which is currently in transit and should be in Battle Creek MI. around 10AM today (10/24).Hopefully there may be some BIGBLUE members in this area to catch a really unique consist---unfortunately it will pass through my hometown during the night.
That's cool!!

i was going to say the same thing: Pictures!! We need Pictures!! Big Grin Big Grin Big Grin
Thats AWESOME Ed!  Applause Applause Applause

I hope you guys can get some good pics Icon_e_biggrin 

CN runs here in Wisconsin, but its far up from me, I wont get a chance to see anything if it does come this way. I will live vicariously through you guys on that one Icon_lol .
As a big CN fan I'm really excited to hear about these Heritage locomotives---hopefully I'll get a chance to catch them in my hometown one day.I've already missed the GT version which was on CN422 last week and tonight another batch will roll through which I'll miss as well.Here's some photos taken by other fortunate rail fans.

4 heritage units eastbound on CN’s South Bend Sub near Schoolcraft, Michigan on M396 around 11:50 am. 10/24/2020

While I'm also a CN fan, I'm not at all impressed with their renditions of the roads which make-up the current-day version of CN.
While there were a few in Norforlk Southern's line-up that didn't really care for, there's only one in CN's version that gets my approval (not that it makes any difference).

Let me make a wild guess Doc---the black/orange version with the stripes ? Personally I'm anxious to see the green/black/yellow passenger scheme.
I like 3 of them, the WC, the Missabie and the older CN with the slanted black and white stripes Icon_e_biggrin

When the UP did the same, the only ones I really liked was the CNW, and the Rio Grande Applause
(10-24-2020, 01:21 PM)cn nutbar Wrote: [ -> ]Let me make a wild guess Doc---the black/orange version with the stripes ?...

You got it!  The sergeant stripes are definitely my favourite.  I liked the original CNR green & gold, and the green, gold, and black, but I didn't see much yellow on the green & black one, and the layout is too stark.  Without all of the original curves and associated striping, it just doesn't look right to me.

Photos from Bryan Bunton---
M396 in Durand this afternoon

CN's tribute to the military unit---ES44AC #3015.Photo by Pierre Dastous.

The military one is nice!