Full Version: Ngauger's Books for Sale! Support Big Blue!
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I've decided to list my 2 new books here and donate the profits to Big Blue.

These are black & white photo books of the areas around Philadelphia PA. All taken by me.

Random pictures In Black & White
A monochrome photo record of interesting places in southeastern Pennsylvania. Since we view the world in full color most of the intricate details escape us in our day-to-day movements. The pictures within, focus on the details of everyday life, things that you never have a chance to pay attention to, in the Philadelphia suburbs. In order to show the most details the photographs are all in black and white.  Over 60 pictures  $12.99

Black & White Photography in Southeastern PA
A Black and White photo book of sights to see in the Southeastern, PA area. Pictures are from Delaware, Chester, Berks and Montgomery counties. Each picture contains the camera settings that can be used as a guide to take better pictures, both color and black & white, without using the "Auto" setting. 35 B&W Pictures  $9.99

The links will take you to Lulu.com where you can order the books.  The first book has a few local railroad pictures in it. The second is mostly scenery and interesting items.

These would make nice Christmas gifts too!
I can verify, great photos plus some good info for those of us who just rely on point-and-shoot.... A good way to help Big Blue and get a nice reward for doing it..... Applause
30% off sale Black Friday the 27th!

Click above links for whichever book you would like and enter code: BFCM30