Full Version: An orphaned passenger car truck...
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Anybody know who made this truck?




I have only the one shown, but can't find a similar one on-line, or any reference to who might have offered it.  It looks to me like it might be from Model Die Casting, especially since it doesn't have an extension for a coupler, like the passenger car trucks that were offered by Athearn.

If anybody has one to offer, or even several, I might be interested if the price is right.

Thanks for looking.

Mdc Challenger trucks?
(02-14-2021, 10:29 PM)nachoman Wrote: [ -> ]Mdc Challenger trucks?

That was my first thought, but I seem to recall them having either somewhat pointy or swoopy-looking ends.

I was surprised to find this photo fairly quickly in photobucket, and was able to copy and paste it into a folder on my computer (I cannot post photos directly from photobucket on Big Blue for some reason).


The lack of an extension for a coupler does reinforce my opinion that my lonely truck is a MDC product, though.

Well, after some thought on where I might have used the missing partner for this lonely truck, it came to me after clouting myself in the head several times with a ball peen hammer (punishment for being so stoopid)...


I also found, while going through a box of passenger car stuff, a small piece of cardstock with the hand-written notation....

MDC 4 wheel Pullman trucks   Part #480-2937  (wonder which dummy wrote that?)

A previous search using that info yielded absolutely nothing, but about two minutes ago I found a pair of what appears to be the same trucks, but with a -2935 suffix.  I can afford the trucks, but the shipping is more than double that cost.  I can do without, I think, and maybe will find some at a train show later this year....or maybe even later, the following year.

That is the rear truck for an Athearn streamlined observation car, one of the boat tail stainless steel cars. All the other passenger car trucks had a coupler attached. Teh rear truck of those cars did not. Kits for those cars had one truck with a coupler and one truck without.
Thanks for that information, Dave.  As I recall, I bought two identical trucks (no extensions for couplers) in a plastic bag, with the blue and yellow Athearn tag stapled to it.  As I noted above, I had used one of them for that kitbashed centipede tender.  They must have changed the part number when Horizon took over Athearn, as I can't seem find them.  I thought that if someone had a lone matching truck, I'd offer to buy it, just because, other than on centipede tenders, there's not much use for just one.