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Is anyone for trying another video chat? The last one didn't go too well, just me a Lutz and I felt sorry for Lutz having no one else to look at but me Icon_e_surprised and doing it at 1:00 AM his time. We broke it off after about fifteen minutes since I really don't have that much to offer and it was way past Lutz's bedtime anyway.

So, we can try again if anyone is willing. Someone pick a date and time, for me, most any day this or next week would work, I like 7 PM Eastern time, making it five Arizona time.  Who's in?????
any day but Wednesday .
Tuesday is good for me
I'm in. Any day is good for me.

I am in. Any day is good this week.
All of a sudden I have a busy day today. How about Friday this week, or early next week?
Whatever works for everyone. I don't have any plans for a while.

As far as I know Friday works
Is everyone in for Friday? Let me know, otherwise we can do early next week. Something came up yesterday that's screwing up any short-term plans I have, but I should be good until mid next week. I'll let you know if that changes, but you don't need me to start the chat. That's one thing Skype has over Zoom. They don't need to have someone check everyone in.
Friday works for me.

Friday at five would work  have another meeting at 6 . Jim
Friday should be good, If I''m not there, I'm not there.....
OK, looks like we've got five... maybe, I hope, I hope... We'll give Skype another shot, we can talk a full hour and no one is left at the door waiting to get in.

This like should still be good, I'll let you know if it isn't. We'll meet at 7:00 (Eastern), 5:00 (Arizona) time, tomorrow.

i am going searching for my jar jacks.

(02-26-2021, 07:10 AM)Schraddel Wrote: [ -> ]Yup,
i am going searching for my jar jacks.


Good for you, some say a couple of toothpicks will work. Maybe a pot of very strong coffee.......
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