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Can we get an idea of who is going to enter this challenge so I can put together a list here. Post your intentions in this thread please. You don't have to say what your project is just now, but you can. It would be nice to know who's in. If you think you will, but are not sure, just let us know with a "maybe". The last challenge, we had folks with good intentions until we got started and wound up with four. It would be great to have a few more than that this time.

I will post the rule thread in a few days, I'm just trying to drum up interest right now.

Waveof7 Waveof7 Waveof7

List of participants for our 2021 challenge:
  • ezdays (2)
  • nachoman (3)
  • doctorwayne (2)
  • tompm (3)
  • e-paw (2)
  • UP SD40-2
  • jim currie
  • Charlie B
  • ngauger
  • CNR5103
In keeping with the first post, yup, I'm in. Not sure what I'll be doing, got a few ideas to short through first.
I am going to build a simple passenger car kit. I will likely also have a second "project" that will be a photo project.
I'm in for a couple of modified passenger cars, along with maybe some head-end stuff....baggage- postal- and express-cars.

I am in. Just not sure which of a myriad of possibilities I will pick from.
Count me in...I have a few things that need to get going or are stalled...
Great, got five so far and I know there's more yet to declare. I'm listing everyone in the first post here.
Don, COUNT ME IN! Icon_e_biggrin ....I have TONS of projects to choose from, was on the layout after work tonight, still undecided what to do Misngth , but I'm 100% in  Thumbsup 

EDIT: Strongly thinking about doing a scratch built modern billboard...AND, a pair of scratch built wig wags, like the CNW had here in Wisconsin...subject to change projects at last minute  35
thinking about finishing the 1930's house that has been stalled for at least 3 years.
We're up to seven now, still lots of room, the more the better.

Me, I've got two project, one simple, one not so simple. I'm going with simple first. My trains have no purpose, no industry right now and no place for passengers to come or go. I need to add passenger and freight stations for my little town. If there's time left in the challenge after that, I can add some industry.
Depending on the timeline I hope to enter, but not sure right now on what the project will be.
(03-18-2021, 06:45 AM)Tyson Rayles Wrote: [ -> ]Depending on the timeline I hope to enter, but not sure right now on what the project will be.

I'll put you down as a "maybe" and hope you find the right project.
Good! I'm looking forward to this. Will be good for me.
this might be my project less the damage  .found this pic when cleaning out downloads on computer .
That looks like they may have re-built it as a scale test car, Jim.

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