Full Version: Rules for our 2021 Do something, anything challenge
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These are the rules for our “do something, anything” challenge:

1.    Pick something that you want to do, build a kit, scratchbuild or kitbash something, rebuild a loco, finish off or start something new on your layout, paint a picture, do a photo challenge, document a railroad journey, just do something railroad-related, define what you are going to do, then document your progress to completion. If you have the wherewithal and want to do more than one project, bless your enthusiasm, you may do as many as you like assuming that you can finish them all.

2.    Start a thread in this forum, "Your Screen Name, 2021 do something challenge," and describe the project  in your first post. If you are doing more than one project, start separate threads for each one, adding a number or a name to keep them separate.

3.    You can open your thread at any time before the official starting date, which gives you enough time to decide on what you want to do. You are also free to enter a project at any time before the end of this challenge but please do not start posting progress reports until the starting date of the challenge.

4.     If your project is scale related, let us know what scale you are working in, it gives us a better prospective on what you are doing. As usual, provide us with lots of pictures of your progress.

5.    Because we never give anything of value away, this challenge is open to all registered members of the Big Blue Train Forum, including the staff. Let’s face it, we all need to work off those kinks of winter and do something that we want to do rather than have to do.
6.    This challenge is all about your project, you can have help, but you should do a substantial amount of the work yourself. You or someone else can take the photos. The intent is to get us all to do something we might normally just put off doing, or maybe not even think about doing.

7.    The challenge starts on April 1, and will run until the first day of Summer, June 20. A poll will open after that date, so that we can pick a winner of the challenge.

8.    As usual, there are no real prizes, just bragging rights and a certificate from Big Blue.

9.    Please post any questions or comments regarding this challenge only in this thread and we will attempt to resolve any issues here before the challenge starts. Do not post your challenges here, please start an individual new thread (see rule #2) for each one that you enter.

10.    And lastly, everybody should feel free to comment in someone’s challenge thread since everyone likes to know if what they’re heading down the right track, but please avoid hijacking the thread. After all, it is about the challenger’s project, not yours.