Full Version: Nachoman 2021 do something challenge part 2
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Like most of you, I have been cooped up the past year, and need a little encouragement to get out more.  For this challenge, I am going to try and take photos of anything train related found at non-obvious locations.  That means I am not going to take pictures of trains near train tracks or at train museums, but rather when I see something related to trains at a restaurant, store, etc, I will take a photo and post it here.
To start my challenge of posting photos of train-related items in unusual situations - this is not a real boxcar.   It is the patio area of a train-themes bar/restaurant up the street from my house.  I've never been in there, but I snapped this photo through the gate.  I'm not even sure if the place is still open. I think the number on the boxcar may correspond to the date the restaurant opened.
My kids found this tiny little "Tootle" book in the corner of a bookstore window.  They took the photo, too.
Interesting patio,  at first glance I thought it was a box car turned into a shed .
(04-22-2021, 08:35 AM)e-paw Wrote: [ -> ]Interesting patio,  at first glance I thought it was a box car turned into a shed .

Apparently the inside of the restaurant has a room decorated like a dining/lounge car.   The windows are TV screens, and you sit in it to simulate eating on a train.
This was at a park I took my kids to last week.  Yes, the park had a train.   My kids thought the crossbuck was pretty cool.
You are finding stuff everywhere.
Really cool stuff you're finding.
A Soo line caboose in some kind of warehouse/junkyard a long way from home rails.  Looks to be used for some kind of office.  It is sitting on rails, but not connected to the nearby rail line.  Sorry for the poor quality photo - I had to really zoom in for this one.
A sign on a bus stop display near my work.
These two objects are in someone's yard near a park we go to.

This project did get the kids and out a little more after a year of everything begin closed.  Wish I could have found more, though.