Full Version: tompm's 2021 Do Something Challenge
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As I continue working on the engine facilities for the layout remake I have a Walthers Two Stall Engine House to build and weather.

[Image: scqm0L5.jpg]
Looks like a nice project. Are you planning to build as-is or are you going to do a little kitbashing?
At the moment I plan to do as is.
I started.

I opened the box.
As they say, every journey starts with that first step.
(03-30-2021, 02:06 PM)tompm Wrote: [ -> ]At the moment I plan to do as is.

i built one of those a while back, the only change I did was to put Tichy windows in the sides - if  I remember right, it was Tichy #8133 .

Excellent! Smile Smile
"I started.

I opened the box. "
Sounds like Me! Big Grin
Now that the box is opened, I shall begin.

First, I want to mortar the bricks. Here are what the walls look like fresh out of the box.

[Image: CspHPEh.jpg]

I painted the wall sections with a thinned Folk Art Vintage White. I used a paper towel to wipe off the extra paint.

[Image: rf5JFCP.jpg]

[Image: Lww5ZuF.jpg]

This is all the walls completed.

[Image: eC63m1V.jpg]

Next, I will paint the capstones and other special sections another shade of darker stone.

I know they look stark at the moment. I will apply some weathering to tone them down.
I built this kit in the form of the machine shop that Walthers marketed along side this enginehouse
Nice job on the mortar. There's so many ways to do brickwork, looking forward to your method.
Nice work on the mortar lines. I'm starting to use all cheapo craft pains for all my modeling, even rolling stock.
The craft paint works well for the morter lines. Used it many times myself.  Nice start.
Tonight, I finally worked on the Engine House. I finished gluing the glazing to the window frames.

[Image: 6hqOPCj.jpg]

I added the windows I finished the other night to a piece of wall.

[Image: BGKacjZ.jpg]

I will finish adding the windows to other wall sections tomorrow. I want to give the glue for the glazing overnight to dry.
Lookin' good, Tom.   Applause Applause Applause 

looking good , what i did to glazing was to put small mesh tulle ( bridal veil )  on back side of windows with clear acrylic to make it look like reinforced glass (chicken wire glass) which was commonly used in industrial windows . 
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