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the building of an cab interior for the T-12 was an harder task:

[Image: dsc041425wj0d.jpg]
The only orientation points were the photos made of the loading of the actual #168 for transport to Antonito and some during the reconditioning to a serviceable loco.

[Image: dsc04143ejkgg.jpg]
At least here a try and error method.
The interior was made in such manner that it could bolted on.

[Image: dsc04187v4k0u.jpg]

[Image: dsc04188bgj10.jpg]
The then far too large openings for the original motor were closed by inserting pieces of brass sheet.

[Image: dsc04189ubjvq.jpg]
Although the boiler backhead has to be placed 1.5mm further backwards, the look of the original (see videos) was caught.

[Image: dsc04190gpjl5.jpg]
There are still no details.

[Image: dsc04191r0jby.jpg]
So it looks alike when the shell is off. The two screws in the rear hold the interior so it can easily be revoved if necessary.
Contrary to the prototype i have relinquished to replicate the "trench" of the cab floor. This compromise is due the space needed for the wires to run this model loco with DCC. This requires a reliable and uninterupted current pick up and for this 6 wires have to be run between loco and tender.
2 of them = pick up
2 = motor
2 = headlight

@ Wayne
It is my attempt to make a model loco as fas as possible easy serviceable. Therefor the additional screwable inserts and plugs.

@ exohead
If you want brass, the are two ways: Either you own a mortgageable credit card or you have the skills to deal with it.
Skills are learnable and this is the easier way to deal with brass.


the next task was to reduce the big hole in the cab rear wall:

[Image: dsc04187v4k0u.jpg]
This was necessary for the old bulky motor, but not longer needed.

[Image: dsc04188bgj10.jpg]

[Image: dsc04190gpjl5.jpg]

[Image: dsc04189ubjvq.jpg]
I think this will replicate the impression as found on photos and videos of the prototype:
Look at 03:30

Yes, they got old #168 back alive after she had endured nearly 70 years on her pedestal.

Very impressive Lutz. You set the bar very high. Worship

@ Don,
i am not so impressed, i think there it could be improved still more.

[Image: dsc04191r0jby.jpg]
The boilershell is removed again and you can see fastening of the cab interior by the means of two tiny screws.

[Image: dsc04192u5jcc.jpg]
One bugbear I have to deal with; the driving axles are not spring-loaded in the frame. There also are no discrete axle bearings, instead the axles are supported direct into the material of the frame.And of course there is no sprung action. Bad for electric pick up and uneven track.
To attenuate this I made springs out of some pieces of bronze sheet (0.25mm thickness). There is a little vertical bearing play and so I hope this will work to take a little sprung action.

[Image: dsc04193d8jpy.jpg]
With the last driving axle the same, here somewhat hidden under the wires.

[Image: dsc04194c1jds.jpg]
The female plug above the motor is for the wires for the headlight.
The counterpart has got an resistor for the LED and was carefully shrinked


@ Don,
i am not so impressed, i think there it could be improved still more.

 Lutz, based on my abilities in this area, I am by all means impressed with what you're doing. If there's room for improvement, I don't see it.

the tender got the same treatment as the one of the K-27 (see posting from 20th July):

[Image: dsc04195f7kat.jpg]

[Image: dsc04196urjl3.jpg]
The wires are pretty inconspicuosly. There are two plugs under the tender's frame, one at each side and both of them have 3 connectors.

[Image: dsc04197ndkme.jpg]
Mind the gap.

@ Don
This is one of the improvement challenges.


[Image: dsc04252p1j1v.jpg]
To close the gap i made a catwalk out of a piece of checkered brass sheet.
The 0.5mm brass wire will give the hinges.

[Image: dsc04253f3k9l.jpg]
Where ist the gap? Now closed. There i made two lugs out of 0.3mm soft brass wire which were inserted into two 0.8mm bores. So the catwalk is moveable as per prototype.

[Image: dsc042567yk16.jpg]
And i made a catwalk for the K-27 too. Here the hinge is of a different construction which works also as intended.


for now the work on this two Narrow Gauge locomotives is done for now. There is still a lot to do with them, the cab interiors are some if this future tasks. But i have not all of the necessary details (the brass castings) therefor not yet. They have to be ordered in the USA and this can last a while.
And when all these parts were mounted, then the next task is painting and decaling the locos.

As a resumee:

[Image: dsc04257x3kpa.jpg]
The T-12 got a full size knuckle coupler as per D&RGW prototype on her forward end.

[Image: dsc04259lfj3l.jpg]

[Image: dsc042613jjzu.jpg]

[Image: dsc042627cjkl.jpg]
This is as she looks alike now.

[Image: dsc04263awjgb.jpg]

[Image: dsc04264b5jtr.jpg]
And the K-27 too.

If you need brass detail parts, English's Model Railroad Supply is the place to get them, as they're the ones that are making the Cal-Scale detail parts.
Whenever I go there (not for the last couple of years, though, due to the pandemic) I spend at least a couple of hours browsing through racks and racks of brass detail parts...if you need an air pump, there's probably 5 or 6 variants available, and it's similar for most detail items, such as check valves, water pumps, handrail stanchions, etc., etc.

Here's a LINK to at least some of the parts that are available.


@ Wayne
Cal Scale is well known by me, but however thank you for the link. The much bigger problem fo me is to get these parts here to Germany. To date i made my purchases for these parts at T J Prantle who is willingly to sell direct and also shipping across the big pond.

[Image: dsc04353xgke9.jpg]
Meanwhile i found the G-File No. 55 from Westside on www.hoseeker.net and printed a copy.

[Image: dsc04384kvj6k.jpg]
And also meanwhile i was able to purchase several pieces of the new Peco H0n3 switches with Unifrogs from Hatton's in (not so) Great Brexit. Hatton's has it's own EU customs account and for this purchases are a lot more simplier to handle with. No hassle with customs and VAT, the ordered items will be direct shipped to you adress.
This switch above has the new Unifrog which was much dreaded in other forums.
Don't worry about, the frog is electrical complete insulated (dead) from the rest of the rails of the switch. All left rails and all right rails are electrical permamently connected and leaves the frog as electric insula. As usual a wire is connected to the frog and it's your decision to let the frog stay dead or awake it to live.

[Image: dsc03964qckz9.jpg]
Purchased also a kit for a R&RGW Narrow Gauge box car, no trucks, no couplers.

Excellent work, Lutz Applause Worship 

Gotta tell ya, the Mudhen just totally knocks my socks off, WOW! Icon_e_biggrin
Everything looks excellent! Well done!

new toy in the stable:

[Image: dsc04510lwjcs.jpg]
I purchased this PFM brass model of a D&RGW Class K-28 without tender.

[Image: dsc0451165kd4.jpg]
The price was rather low for this piece.

[Image: dsc045128ykrp.jpg]

[Image: dsc04513rqk6p.jpg]
And your eyes are o.k.; the cab is really askew.

[Image: dsc045142lkzp.jpg]
Here too some is askew.

Easy going, so i thought. Straighten the cab by bending, do some quick vodoo, organize a tender and you have a third narrow gauge loco.
But the devil is in detail. In the course of the refurbishment process there were much more bugs and kinks uncovered as initially supposed. So of this kind i nearly lost my believing in Japanese craftmanship. For the retrival of honour of the Japanese craftsmen, this was the absolute exceptional case. All other brass loccos i own or had have in my hands from United/PFM, all were of outstanding quality and finish.
At least the planned simple rebuilding get out of hand and discarded into a intensely rebuilding.

I don't doubt that you'll have that locomotive looking like it just came out of the shop, and I'll bet with a suitable tender, too.

I always enjoy seeing the process and the results of your magical touch.   Worship Worship

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