Full Version: RR-Line
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Does anybody here also belong to RR-Line and can currently log on?
I can. If you are having problems you need to delete any cookies related to RR-Line. Have you been able to login since it came back up?
No, I can't log on. could you send a PM to Bruce (dutchman) and ask him to call me any evening after 6pm ? Thanks. In the meantime I will try deleting the cookies.
O.K. I have deleted cookies, tried different computers, different browsers and still nothing. When I try to login I don't get an error message, it looks like it did login but when I then try to respond, edit or view certain pages the tool bars aren't there.
Mike, I can understand why you want to log on there, I tried and it doesn't recognize me or my password. I will try to re register and see if I can't correct the error there.....
Mike, I was able to log on and post there, check your PM's here.
10-4 Don.