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anyone here have a MRC tech 7 1278  new or used for sale or know of where one could be attained ?
(10-12-2021, 04:37 PM)jim currie Wrote: [ -> ]anyone here have a MRC tech 7 1278  new or used for sale or know of where one could be attained ?

I know it's not much help Jim, but the shortage of chips is the problem here too. If I see one for sale I will contact you. There is one listed here 
thanks charlie but need one with two controller's as my layout is bilevel  with 3% grades on both levels and running 3 powered  old athearn PA's that draw 2.7 amps running light i need high amp throttles.
Another option might be an MRC ControlMaster 20, if you can find one.
I've run over a dozen locos at a time using mine in conjunction with a Stapleton PWM walk-around throttle.

That was locos only, though, none with trailing trains....and was mainly for entertaining visiting grandkids:  I'd put one locomotive on the track and they're race around the layout room following it.
When it came by me, I'd add another loco, repeating this operation every time they passed.  Naturally, not all locos ran at the same speed, so the faster ones caught up and coupled to the slower ones.  When I ran out of locos to add (I was using only diesels for this game), I began plucking them off as they came by, until we were down to the last one, which ended that "operating session".

thanks for the info Wayne  , my question is can you run two separate trains on it  or you limited to one ?
Sorry, Jim, but I overlooked the two-train option.  While the Control Master 20 has lots of power to offer, it, and the PWM throttle will allow control over only one train at a time.
Since I'm no wiring-wizard as far as layouts are concerned (two wires feed my entire layout, which is roughly 260' of track, not counting the double track through all 9 towns, and the five staging yards, and quite a few industrial spurs, too) it may be possible to isolate one area from another, but you'd at least need a second throttle to control the additional train.

Since it's doubtful that I can walk and chew gum at the same time, it's also unlikely that I could control two trains at the same time either. Misngth