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Over this weekend I have been busy fixing and painting some of the railroad cars. I have painted one caboose and one gondola so far. Now I just have to find out where to order the decals I need for them which is the V&O. I understand the blue might be a little dark but after some weathering you shouldn't be able to tell the difference. I am making a trip to the hobby store this week as they changed their hours and are now open tuesday, wednesday, and thursday. I will be getting a few more cars to take apart and repaint. I'm hoping to have these two finished at least with all the painting this weekend.


Looking good Matthew!
(05-08-2022, 06:39 AM)Tyson Rayles Wrote: [ -> ]Looking good Matthew!

Thank You. I just sprayed the walkway that goes on top of the caboose today along with the smoke stack. It actually looks really nice now with all the stuff put back on.
Good job! Looking forward to the seeing the finished projects.
nice paint but finding V&O decals are hard unless you want hopper or box car ones .
Thanks everyone. I know the decals are hard but I am probably going to go with the hopper or boxcar ones. I can make it work lol.