Full Version: HO Buildings and Structures
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Various HO buildings and structures. Most are kits. Three are already constructed and painted. Prices as noted plus exact postage. Payment by PayPal only.

1) Osborn Model Kits Country Church

Already built from a laser wood kit. Painted: yellow with brown trim and black roof. Extra window glazing included. Dimensions: 7.5” L x 4” W x 5.25” H.


2) Tunnel Portals

Two Woodland Scenics double-track, cut stone tunnel portals. Outside dimensions: 8-1/16” W x 5-1/4” H. Inside dimensions: 4-3/4” W x 3-7/8” H. Both painted black.

$16.00 for both or $9.00 each

3) Wooden Trestle

Already constructed from strip wood. Single track. Painted brown. Dimensions: 5” L x 2-3/4” W x 1-3/4” H.

4) Coal and Ore Car Kit

34-foot Great Northern Funaro and Camerlengo plastic kit in original box with instructions and decals. Prototype built in 1911 by Haskell and Barker Car Co. Trucks not included.


5) Farmers' Grain and Elevator

American Model Builder's laser wood kit #115. Brand new in original box with instructions. Dimensions: 6” L x 5.5” W x 7” H.

6) DPM (Woodland Scenics) First Bank Building

Early 1900s neo-classical style bank. Plastic kit #12200 brand new in original box. Dimensions: 5-1/8 “ L x 4-1/8” W.


7) Commercial Building Kit

Walthers Cornerstone Merchant's Row I plastic kit. Brand new in original box. Five Main St. stores in one structure. Combined dimensions: 11” L x 5” W x 4” H.