Full Version: Product advice for an outdated modeller
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I just took out an old Walthers wood and metal kit (Oscar) and find I'm out of date on some products.

Paint. Now that Floquil is gone, what range of paint will work on metal?  Is there a good primer to use? Will it work on wood as well?

Glue: I need to glue a metal piece to the wood floor and I think it should take some strain.  I used to use Goo (I have an old tube) but I was always getting some squeezing out of the gaps. The hobby shop sold me some gap-filling ACC. Will that do?

I'm a Poly Scale guy for paints, right out of the bottle without a primer - but I'm not expert when it comes to model paints, airbrushing, etc. I've heard Model Masters has decent paint that should work.

The Gap-filling ACC should work - that's what I use for my paper modeling projects, and it's great for paper-to-paper joints, good for plastics, and I've also used it for metal-to-metal.
(02-18-2023, 08:02 PM)BR60103 Wrote: [ -> ]Paint. Now that Floquil is gone, what range of paint will work on metal?  Is there a good primer to use? Will it work on wood as well?

A very good primer is Alclad II Lacquer.  It's a Grey primer and Microfiller - ALC 302.  It comes in a 4 ounce soft plastic bottle, with BB-like pellets in the bottle:  shake well to get them moving, then continue shaking until the paint is thoroughly mixed.  You can apply it with a suitable brush, but it works great using an airbrush (of course, with the pellets remaining in the plastic bottle).

Thanks, fellows.

I had another look at the bits and I've done a horrible job on the car ends. Not sure what brand, but it has variations in the gloss and coverage.
That's the beauty of paint - if at first you don't like it.... apply another coat. OR.... all paint jobs can be rectified when it's time to weather them!
One of the upcoming steps is carving the ends of the clerestory roof. Anyone remember doing those? I hate curves in 3 dimensions.
Wayne: Is that paint available in hobby shops? and which one do you use?
(02-20-2023, 08:29 PM)BR60103 Wrote: [ -> ]Wayne: Is that paint available in hobby shops?  and which one do you use?

I'm pretty sure that I got that paint from Dundas Valley Hobby shop, located at 15 Cootes Drive in Dundas
The owner's name is Robin, and she's always interested in train stuff, as I often run into her when the layout tours occur in the Hamilton/Dundas/ Burlington areas, along with those near me in Grimsby and Beamsville.

They open at 10:00AM tomorrow, and you can contact them at 905-628-9156.  They do have a large selection of paints there, including ones that are appropriate for specific types of modelling, such as figures for gaming, model railroading, model airplanes, etc., etc.

The Alclad II Grey Primer lacquer was $12.99 a bottle, the last time I bought some.  If they don't have any left in-stock, let me know and I'll send you one.


Thanks. I was just there last week.
Tamiya makes 33 colors of lacquer  that are similar to the old floquil some are rr colors or close enough to sub .
Thank you.
I managed to get to Dundas Valley today and found the primer. Price was up a tad.
Another question:
This kit and another one by Walthers have step castings with coupler boxes cast in. The boxes look like the "universal" box that NMRA designed (back in the 60s?) as RP22. It doesn't fit any of the Kadees I have and I'm not sure if it will fit anything else I have. Any experience?

The second kit is a shorty diner that I've had for decades. It has 4 trucks in the box, all in various stages of disintegration/deformation. I think I can handle this with a bit of money.