Full Version: New MTH Loco not Running Well
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I recently got a newly released MTH Milwaukee Road Little Joe locomotive a few weeks ago. Last evening I was finally able to test it and I will say I was disappointed.

In DCC it runs erratically. Sometimes it runs smoothly and others it slows down to a crawl and shutters. I am not sure if some of this has to do with the fact that currently only have the layout has feeders. This poor running seems to occur mostly in the sections without feeders. However it will randomly slow down in the section with feeders also. At times it has troubles with going through switches. The sound turns on as soon you start to turn the throttle knob. On a couple of occasions after I have turned the throttle to zero it continues running at full speed. On a couple of times it has continued running after I press the emergency stop button.

Just to be sure there was nothing major wrong with the track I ran several of my other DCC locos from Broadway Limited, Bachmann, Atlas, and Rapido. They all ran with no problems.

I tested the loco in DC. The sound comes on as soon as you turn the knob. The loco does not move until the voltage reaches almost 11. It actually runs pretty smooth in DC. I don’t remember any stalling or slowing down including going through the switches.

Anyone have any ideas of what is going on? What additional testing can I try?

I have heard mixed reviews on other MTH’s HO locomotives. This is my first MTH loco and thus far I am not impressed.
      I do not have any MTH locomotives because of the proprietary operating system so I know little about them but your dcc problem can easily be caused by your feeder wires or lack of. The possible cause could be radio frequency interference.  It is easy to make and install a filter. This is caused by having an open circuit at the end of your feeder line. I soldier all of my joints which helps make the track a conductor too but the filter should be placed near the terminus of the main feeder wires. Here is a link to a schematic and a good explanation. RF Filter

     Some decoders are more susceptible than others and the circuit is a 100 ohm 1/2 watt resistor in series with a 0.1 ufd 50v ceramic capacitor. Cheap and easy.