Full Version: Trucklover is our first 1000 post member
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Yep, he's gone over that already, but congratulations to


For being the first to have 1000 posts here on the new Big Blue Train Forum.

Cheers, pip-pip and all that....

Waveof7 Waveof7 Waveof7 Waveof7
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Congratulations! Thanks for sharing all the things that you are building and thanks for your comments and compliments!

Always enjoy your input..Output?
Hey that's great! Congratulations and thanks for everyone of your posts!!! Thumbsup
Congrats Josh Cheers Thumbsup Thumbsup
Congratulations Josh ......... always like to see your posts especially the Photo intense ones Goldth

Waveof7 Waveof7 Waveof7 Waveof7
hehe thanks everyone for the congrats and compliments Misngth Misngth Cheers

I can honestly say this is still my favorite forum on the net Misngth SO many great people, SO much knowledge, and SO many GREAT things to follow from other members. And heck, i even learn something new almost everyday, its like school for the hobby world Misngth
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Congratulations on reaching 1000 posts Josh. Take care of the typing finger Icon_lol

Cheers, Simon Cheers
Josh you better be careful. With all the posting going on you might cause the internet to fill up...... Big Grin Then it will overflow and cause us all to be flooded with pictures of trucks and trains...... Icon_lol I guess i should start the sandbagging now as it looks like you are not slowing down at all.

Thanks for being a part of this great group. Thumbsup
hehe Simon and Beamish, thanks guys Misngth

Im still trying to get a job, so when and if i finally do, ill be a little busier.... Misngth Icon_lol . Its just the economy is making it really tough to get a job anywhere, and im not about to go flip burgers for minimum wage.... Im sure some of you know what im talking about that are searching for jobs... Nope
Sheesh Josh, get a job! Tongue
jbaakko Wrote:Sheesh Josh, get a job! Tongue

LMAO Josh, got one for me? Misngth