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Postby pennman » Oct 19th, '09, 12:02

Hey Guys,
Just needed to post this. I just converted over to DCC and had no clue what I was doing,really!!
Between All you guys here at the gauge and the help from Pete at BLW and Tony's it became a no brainer.

Norm: the DCC guroo at Tony's has to have the patients of a saint to put up with some of the questions I've have asked and walk me through the setup of my NCE Procab and decoder installs.

Susan: Not sure but She seems to have her finder on the pulse of the whole place. About 2weeks ago there was a mistake on my order and billing. (was over billed) Not only did she take the time to correct the problembut she called me(not emailed)but called to make sure everything was ok and to give me all the credit numbers. She also offered to call my bank.

Pete BLW: a true Nscale sorce, Ive been dealing with Pete since he opened a little store in Manalapan, Nj. His prices are great and always willing to work with you if you have a problem with a product.
pete's addy:

Tony's addy:

I hope this helps yall out.
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