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NEW ATLAS MP-15's - csiguy68 - 02-18-2010

just curious if anyone on here ordered and got one of the new ATLAS MP-15's that recently came out. they were supposed to be here in the fall of 2009, however i just got mine yesterday from my LHS in UNION RAILROAD scheme. Atlas did a very nice job on these. well worth the wait. i am just curious if anyone else got one and how you guys like them.


Re: NEW ATLAS MP-15's - bdw9535 - 02-27-2010

Todd, I have 5 of these from the first and second runs and agree that Atlas did a nice job. They are great runners and nicely detailed.


Re: NEW ATLAS MP-15's - csiguy68 - 02-28-2010


what road names did you get yours in?


Re: NEW ATLAS MP-15's - bdw9535 - 02-28-2010

Todd, have 2 Readings, that are patched out for my Shore River, 2 Conrails, and a undec that is also done for Shore River. Conrail let the MP 15's go in 1989 so they don't really fit my time period of the mid 90's. Was toying with the idea of patching them for GATX but haven't done so.