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Re: Current HO loco projects - Catt - 05-26-2016

Here's another new project (when it gets here). Plans are for a cab swap, hard wiring with DCC eventually.I've been searching for 5 years for one of these and actually found this one today. Goldth

[Image: DD-35.jpg]

[Image: DD-35-1.jpg]

Lots of plans for this big girl. Goldth

Re: Current HO loco projects - Catt - 07-06-2016

This is MTS 1980 a SD19-M (rebuilt SD-9).The road number comes from the fact that I bought the original Athearn blue box loco in January 1980 as a birthday present for me.The are some construction picture further back in this thread.It has been so long since I took it apart for rebuilding I'have misplaced the end railings. Wallbang

[Image: MTS_SD-19-1980-2.jpg]

This is the fifth and final rebuild (only things left from the original loco are the body shell and frame) I have worn out 3 motors and 5 trucks. Eek

MTS = Midwestern Trainsportation Systems the parent company of the Grande Valley Railway.MTS 1980 is the first lease unit in this new scheme.

Re: Current HO loco projects - Catt - 07-07-2016

Different view showing roof top detail.Sure wish I could figure out what happened to the end railings. Sad

[Image: MTS_SD-19-1980-3.jpg]

[EDIT] I found the railings,as usual the lost items were right in front of me Wallbang .