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New dude - model-a - 02-09-2014

Hey guy's just got hooked up here no more than what I have seen looks very cool. I have had or built train layouts for years right now don't have a layout got no room I am a n-scaler and have been for the last 15 years but I like all train related things buildings you name it. So I guess I'll fit in here hope so, ok so long from North Carolina. Goldth

Re: New dude - Ralph - 02-09-2014

Hey there! Glad you could join us! Welcome

Re: New dude - Charlie B - 02-09-2014

Welcome aboard. We have a couple N-scalers from North Carolina on board.
We travel to NC once a year to visit our friends that have Samoyeds. We go to Conover.
It's a nice state, and the folks sure are friendly.


Re: New dude - model-a - 02-09-2014

Thanks buddy we like it pretty good too have you ever gone to the The Spencer Shops if not you need to. Thumbsup

Re: New dude - Charlie B - 02-09-2014

I never made Spencer, I just haven't had a desire to see the museum stuff. I have been soured by too many that are just tourist traps, and I did a lot of work for various railroad historical societies that really turned me sour on these things.

Re: New dude - model-a - 02-09-2014

I understand there buddy.

Re: New dude - switcher1 - 02-09-2014

Welcome aboard.