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CP Christmas train - Charlie B - 10-28-2014

The CP Christmas train has a very broad schedule with many stops in the US including Minnesota (Ralph) and Steamtown as well as Hamilton, Windsor and Toronto.
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Re: CP Christmas train - MasonJar - 10-28-2014

I've seen this a couple of times. It really is magical to see it go by a crossing on a dark road. With snow on the ground, the colours are reflected back, and it looks like something from the movies.


Re: CP Christmas train - BR60103 - 10-29-2014

Lets see if CP manages to publicize it this year.
In previous years the only notice I got was on railfan sites.

Re: CP Christmas train - teejay - 10-30-2014

It will be here in the Windsor area Dec 2 at about 4:30 pm .