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G & T Cipelle warehouse - Catt - 01-28-2016

Had a friend of mine repair one of my Z scale locos that had given up the ghost (my very first one actually).In return he asked me to build him a warehouse that would fit to the inside (between the straight and diverging routes) and requested that it not be square or rectangular in form. The drawing below is my very rough first draft of the design. I will be posting updates as the build proceeds.

[Image: GT-C_warehouse.jpg]

Re: G & T Cipelle warehouse - Tyson Rayles - 01-29-2016

:wait: :wait: :wait: :wait: :wait: :wait: :wait: :wait: Goldth

Re: G & T Cipelle warehouse - Catt - 01-29-2016

Tell me about it.I can't seem to connect with Thomas to get his ok.Hopefully I will be able to connect on Sunday so I can get his imput. So until then it's :wait: :wait: :wait: :wait: :wait: :wait: :wait: :wait: :wait: :wait: for me too.

Re: G & T Cipelle warehouse - Catt - 01-31-2016

Finally hooked up with Thomas last night.This pic shows the progress so far today.Aside from oviously needing to assemble the four walls I need to cut in some windows and make some doors .Planning on leaving the boxcar door open and one of the truck dock doors.

[Image: GT-C_warehouse-1.jpg]

Re: G & T Cipelle warehouse - Catt - 02-03-2016

Not the best pics I've ever taken but here is a progress report on the warehouse
First the truck docks and office entrance.

[Image: GT-C_warehouse-2.jpg]

The box car door,

[Image: GT-C_warehouse-3.jpg]

The rear of the building

[Image: GT-C_warehouse-4.jpg]

The side towards the mainline.There are no windows on this side because of the chance a piece of ballast could break one.

[Image: GT-C_warehouse-5.jpg]

Next update hopefully this weekend. Nope

Re: G & T Cipelle warehouse - Catt - 02-05-2016

Second coat of paint has been applied since this picture was taken.

[Image: GT-C_warehouse-6.jpg]