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55n3 Reboot -Proof of Concept - hminky - 07-10-2018

The first 55n3 site was put on the web in 2010. Due to medical problems I couldn't pursue this endeavor further. Time went by and I let the domain lapse. Now my medical problems have been under control, none of which were life threatening, just debilitating.

Been in and out of the hobby since 2010 and can't believe how such a short period has brought so much change. Most of the items discussed on the 55n3 website are no longer available and have to be sourced on E-bay.

I write web-articles on the net. The satisfaction comes not in praise or an "atta-boy" post but someone using the information that was presented. It is nice to see someone applying the techniques that I bloviated about even if no credit is given to me. Stuff comes up in magazines that I recognize as my contribution to the hobby.

It was warming to see Ronald Halma's American Civil War 55n3 Layout on the net. Ronald showed the concept of 28mm war gaming items and On30 Bachmann equipment is a viable concept.

Thank you, Ronald

Vist Ronald's blog:


There are videos of Ronald's efforts two at:



Our 55n3 website is now 55n3.info and no longer 55n3.org


[Image: me_on30_track.jpg]

28mm gaming has grown and there are more figures and vehicles available.

Thank you if you visit

RE: 55n3 Reboot -Proof of Concept - TinGoat - 07-11-2018

Hi Harold,

Thanks for bringing this back.

RE: 55n3 Reboot -Proof of Concept - hminky - 07-19-2018

Bachmann has built another 55n3 caboose.

Got a logging caboose and it fits 55n3 perfectly. The original caboose was too high and required modification.

[Image: cabooses_1.jpg]

Before you look, no Bachmann doesn't really build 55n3 cars. Remember how that leading statement caused hair on fire in 2010 when I said it about the 55n3 sidedoor caboose.

[Image: end.jpg]


Thank you if you visit

RE: 55n3 Reboot -Proof of Concept - hminky - 07-21-2018

Got some new stuff from Shapeways shops.

Found this S Scale cab at the "Willy Monaghan S Scale" shop on Shapeways that will convert the Bachmann Mogul to 55n3. There are S Scale domes available also on Shapeways that will make a complete conversion to a Baldwin catalog Mogul. The Bachmann domes will also work with no mods.

[Image: s_scale_cab1.jpg]

[Image: s_scale_cab2.jpg]

The On30 Mogul is mechanically close to the Brooks Colorado and Northwestern #1 and Baldwin Catalog moguls. The 44" drivers match the Brooks.

[Image: s_scale_cab3.jpg]

Found these figures listed as "1/56" from the "Panzer VS Tanks" shop they are from the Merchant Navy series. The figures are really fine.

[Image: panzers_armour_figures1.jpg]


RE: 55n3 Reboot -Proof of Concept - hminky - 07-21-2018

An addition to the previous post.

A Bachmann Mogul converted to S-Scale with the original cab shortened for S-Scale.
Shows what the loco would look like with an S-Scale cab and stock domes.
The stock cab is too wide.

[Image: s-scale_mogul.jpg]


RE: 55n3 Reboot -Proof of Concept - hminky - 07-23-2018

Examining examples of narrow gauge moguls found these two examples in the Brooks catalog:

A Mexican

[Image: 260_Mexico_Brooks.jpg]

Quincy and Torch Lake

[Image: 260_QTL_Brooks.jpg]

Looking at the Bachmann Mogul if the running board is extended all the way back a reasonable model can be produced.

[Image: s_scale_cab4.jpg]

The running boards fit into slots in the boiler so replacement would be easy.

There is an article about making the Q&TL Mogul in On30 in the Jul/Aug 2018 Narrow Gauge and Shortline Gazette. So it can be done with a better three foot cab.


RE: 55n3 Reboot -Proof of Concept - hminky - 07-23-2018

Eventually in a strange scale endeavor one finds the holy grail, a plan, a piece of information that makes a model viable.

Searching about the Quincy and Torch Lake Moguls I finally ran across a plan in the August 1985 Railroad Model Craftsman of Mogul #1 & #4.

YES!!! The Bachmann On30 Mogul is 55n3 as made:

[Image: torch_lake_mogul_side.jpg]

[Image: torch_lake_mogul_front1.jpg]

[Image: torch_lake_mogul_front2.jpg]


RE: 55n3 Reboot -Proof of Concept - hminky - 07-26-2018

Now that the Bachmann Mogul is 55n3:

[Image: torch_lake_merge.jpg]

Can resurrect this conversion utilizing the Mogul gear tower and a Bowser HO frame:

[Image: mogul_2-8-0.jpg]

Makes this locomotive:

[Image: NCNG09A.JPG]

[Image: mogul_consy_side1.jpg]

Never was a good On30 model but great 55n3.


RE: 55n3 Reboot -Proof of Concept - Tyson Rayles - 07-27-2018

Very nice!

RE: 55n3 Reboot -Proof of Concept - hminky - 07-27-2018

Knuckleduster has a "32mm Gun Fighters Ball" series. Tried them as their 28mm figures were "short". They are the guys on the bases comparing to figures in earlier posts.

[Image: gun_fighters_ball1.jpg]

Wargaming figures must be tried to see if they are suitable for all purposes.

These are really very good.


RE: 55n3 Reboot -Proof of Concept - hminky - 07-28-2018

The Bachmann On30 catalog has dwindled considerably with the collapse of the On30 bubble.

A locomotive that always flew under the radar was their little freelance 2-4-4-2 Mallet. Probably one of Bachmann's best efforts. A perfect 55n3 loco, actually a little cramped for O-scale.

[Image: 2-4-4-2_1.jpg]

There are two similar prototypes.

A Baldwin narrow gauge version of the Little River 2-4-4-2.

[Image: d-eastman64.jpg]

An Alco New Zealander

[Image: d-taupo7.jpg]

Really like this little loco.

RE: 55n3 Reboot -Proof of Concept - hminky - 07-30-2018

The 2-6-6-2 was one of the locos I bought in the On30 fire sale of 2010.

[Image: 2662_1.jpg]

Another loco no one in On30 wanted but a great little 55n3 loco.

Not in Bachmann's catalog but still out there and with shopping available inexpensively.


RE: 55n3 Reboot -Proof of Concept - hminky - 07-31-2018

Going thru my old On30 stuff, found a Bachmann On30 Inside Frame 4-4-0 boiler. Allowed me to check the S Scale cab from the "Willy Monaghan S Scale" shop on Shapeways as a replacement for the funky original cab.

[Image: s_scale_440_cab.jpg]

Makes the 4-4-0 closer to this 1897 Rogers.

[Image: 440-Rogers2.jpg]


RE: 55n3 Reboot -Proof of Concept - hminky - 08-07-2018

The American Models S Scale Rib Side hopper scales 8ft wide x 28ft-6in in Scale55.

The Myner trucks fit just right. The American Model trucks can be regauged.

[Image: am_hopper1.jpg]

[Image: am_hopper2.jpg]

The mogul is close to the EBT moguls.

Brian Budeit's excellent HO model

[Image: brian_budeit_ebt_5.jpg]

[Image: EBT_mogul_merged.jpg]


RE: 55n3 Reboot -Proof of Concept - hminky - 08-07-2018

Looking at the S Scale American Models hopper, the question becomes:

What about a EBT Mikado?

The old BLI On30 C-16 has an almost right mechanism, boiler dia and tender. Bowser HO 69" drivers at 44" are close to the 48" prototype. The axles are .125 on the Bowser and the BLI are .109 but that is an easy fix. The BLI has separate bearings.

Not quite a match but close.

[Image: ebt_mike1.jpg]