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I'm Back!! - pennman - 10-25-2018

Its been a long time almost 6yrs, but getting back to normal and going to try and get more done on the B&NE RR. had to take sometime away for personal reasons. I see a lot of old names still kicking the rails andĀ  whole bunch more of new names in the station look forward to reconnecting with you all

RE: I'm Back!! - Tyson Rayles - 10-26-2018

Welcome back!

RE: I'm Back!! - pennman - 10-26-2018

now to try and catch up on everything I've missed and reconnect with some people I've lost. Have to find my way back around here.
Does everyone still meet up on here for theĀ  Friday night BS session ?

RE: I'm Back!! - Charlie B - 10-29-2018

It's always a pleasure when someone returns after a vacation. I hope you will continue to post. I am looking forward to seeing your progress.