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2019 auction #4: HO scale anniversary car---- - ezdays - 09-29-2019

A few months ago we held several auctions as a way to celebrate our 10th anniversary and to help support the Big Blue Train Forums. We also said we have a few more things coming. We do, we have yet another Doctorwayne decorated HO car. We decide that we'd wait until now to present this so as those folks that were away on vacation would have an opportunity to bid. Remember, we have kept our promise of no ads and no sponsors and so, this is one way to help get the much-needed funds to keep us going, but a way to give something back in return. We're opening an auction of a hand-painted and detailed Big Blue Trains HO scale decorated boxcar. The car has been stripped, repainted in Big Blue colors, decorated in our Anniversary scheme and clear-coated. Along with the new Big Blue logo, it has the “10th Anniversary Special” lettering. Also, note that this car has a unique number that will not appear on any other Big Blue or BB&G rolling stock. We will leave any weathering to its new owner if they think it’s appropriate, or, Doctorwayne has offered to do the weathering if asked. This car, we hope, will become treasured and be a show of pride for your membership and support of the Big Blue Train Forums.

Now, let’s get started. We are offering this HO scale car BBT201910 to the highest bidder. Here are the bidding rules:

  1. There is no minimum bid and no reserve, the highest bidder at the time the auction closes will get the car.
  2. Please keep you bid raises in increments of at least fifty cents and preferably a dollar or more.
  3. You can bid publicly by posting it in this thread. This thread is for bidding only; any comments or questions should be made in [url= https://bigbluetrains.com/showthread.php?tid=8947]this[/url] thread or by PM to either ezdays or ngauger. Non-bid posts will be deleted from this thread.
  4. If you want to enter an anonymous bid (just like the rich and famous do), you can PM either ezdays or ngauger and we will bid on your behalf, (we will post the bid amount, but keep your name confidential, just like at those big auction houses). You may also want to give us the maximum you would want to go and we’ll bid for you by adding one dollar above the last bid, up the maximum that you have set, again, just like Christie’s does for the big boys.
  5. The auction will run until October15th, at which time we will announce the winner and ship the car to them.
  6. The successful bidder will pay all shipping costs. Remember, the car will be shipping from Canada.
  7. Payment can be by PayPal, check or MO. We will give the winner instructions on how and where to pay.
Remember, 100% of the proceeds from this auction is to help keep Big Blue running, so we are depending on you for your support and hope to give something back in return.

We also thank Doctorwayne for coming though for us once again. His work is second to none and there will be one lucky bidder that can add this cherished car to their collection.

Good luck to you all.

Don (ezdays) and Mikey (ngauger)




RE: 2019 auction #4: HO scale anniversary car---- - cn nutbar - 09-29-2019

I've been anxiously following this mystery thread and the wait has been worth it---another classic from Doctor Wayne.I'd like to start the bidding at $25.00

RE: 2019 auction #4: HO scale anniversary car---- - ezdays - 09-29-2019

Thank you good sir for this opening bid. Yes, the wait was indeed worth it.

So, we have $25, whoo'llll give me 30??? Looking for 30, 35, even 50 for this exquisite one-off car. Got 25, looking for 50....

RE: 2019 auction #4: HO scale anniversary car---- - Charlie B - 09-30-2019


RE: 2019 auction #4: HO scale anniversary car---- - ezdays - 09-30-2019

O so good Charlie, we thank you for that bid.

Since this is an auction, and we can't afford a real auctioneer, I'm gunna try my best at it, so, we have $50 bid, do I hear 75, got 50, looking for 75???? Got a real nice heirloom-quality car here from a renown modeler, so lets, hear it folks, not only has it been decorated, but detailed by our own Doctorwayne, so we're at 50, looking for  75...... 65, 75 anyone????

RE: 2019 auction #4: HO scale anniversary car---- - ezdays - 10-07-2019

All right, I'm not  a very good auctioneer, never claimed to be one, but I am passionate about keeping Big Blue running even though activity has slowed down over the past few years. We've talked about adding social media to Big Blue, but this format seems to work just fine, but it's expensive to keep. So folks, please help up, we need your support and this is one way to do it and get something back in return. Something very special created by a very special and talented modeler. So let's hear some bidding. We need your support, please, this car has a lot of value, just because of what it is and who made it, so please, let's hear a few more bids to keep this auction going......
   2285_2285_2285_ 2285_

RE: 2019 auction #4: HO scale anniversary car---- - ezdays - 10-12-2019

Hello, this auction will be closed in a few day, don't miss this opportunity to get this treasured keepsake. I cannot impress more how important it is that we need your support. How great is it that you not only support Big Blue, but get a car decorated by none other than our own Doctorwayne. Worship Worship

Let's hear some more bids, we've got $50, looking for 60, we need 60, 75 would be great, who'll give me that????

RE: 2019 auction #4: HO scale anniversary car---- - ezdays - 10-15-2019

OK folks, this is the last day of this auction, tomorrow morning we will announce the winner, let it be you....

In anticipation of a flood of last minute bids, we've added staff. We have four people monitoring Internet bids, four more for phone bids and a bunch wandering around picking up bids in-house. We expect a big crowd and have added a couple of more chairs to accommodate walk-in bidders. There will be a food cart in the lobby for those that expect to be here a while and hot coffee to keep you alert. Icon_rolleyes

In all seriousness, we need your bid, so don't pass up this chance to own this keepsake and to help Big Blue in the process, bid, bid, bid.....

RE: 2019 auction #4: HO scale anniversary car---- - ezdays - 10-16-2019

Well folks, that's it, Charlie's $50 bid held up. Congratulations Charlie, Thumbsup Thumbsup we'll be in touch as soon as I talk to Wayne on how to get the car to you.

RE: 2019 auction #4: HO scale anniversary car---- - doctorwayne - 10-16-2019

Thanks, Charlie, for your generous bid, and thanks, Don, for handling the auction. 

I'll be delivering the car in-person, along with that locomotive, Charlie. 

As for everyone else, here's my take on things.


RE: 2019 auction #4: HO scale anniversary car---- - Charlie B - 11-14-2019

Here's a few photos of the car as it rolls around the Wilderson Division. [attachment=32688][attachment=32689][attachment=32690][attachment=32691][attachment=32692]Charlie

RE: 2019 auction #4: HO scale anniversary car---- - ezdays - 11-15-2019

Nice to see the car moving around like that.... Thumbsup Thumbsup

RE: 2019 auction #4: HO scale anniversary car---- - ngauger - 11-16-2019

Great Pics!! Enjoy it!!!!