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Modifying cheap fir trees - Graffen - 10-31-2019

Spruce/fir trees 2.0
Faller's fir trees are really not at all good looking, but they are cheap! With a few minutes of work their appearance can be much improved.
I use Polak model turf and some spray adhesive for this project.

[Image: r2ydTgDl.jpg]
They are very coarse as they are...

[Image: OA80nb2l.jpg]
I trim the armatures to avoid the cone shape.

[Image: lCWHE4Yl.jpg]
Less is more...

[Image: whgPV0el.jpg]
I applied some spray glue and two layers of turf.

[Image: Rud1LVol.jpg]
This group of five trees took me 10 minutes to do, a time that can be reduced severely if made in a series.
I have over 1000 trees to do, so any savings of time and money are very welcome.

RE: Modifying cheap fir trees - doctorwayne - 11-01-2019

Much improved from the original!   Thumbsup Thumbsup


RE: Modifying cheap fir trees - ezdays - 11-01-2019

Thanks for this, I have a box full of these and they just don't look natural using them as-is.