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Memorial Day 2020 - ngauger - 05-24-2020

Well, it's been a strange year so far.  Here we are almost half way through and looking at Memorial Day tomorrow.
I thought this would be appropriate as just another reminder of what the day means.  Those who have given all.

RE: Memorial Day 2020 - Chief Eagles - 05-24-2020

Will lead Memorial Day service at Veteran's Memorial.  New Mayor [ who took over after my retirement] has not said a word and neither has Town staff [except my former Town Clerk, Dad retired Navy Pilot and son now Marine].  We'll see if he attends.

RE: Memorial Day 2020 - ezdays - 05-24-2020

It is a pity that there are those that really don't understand what others did and refuse to accept the sacrifices that were made so that they are free to do some of the dumb things that they do today. I was fortunate, I served during the Korean War, but never left the states. Lots of others weren't so lucky. It took a 9/11 to get respect for the flag once again, even now, that memory has faded for a lot of folks. I hope we can get through to them without having another action be the catalyst once again.

To all those that served, those that never got to come back and those that came back broken in one way or another, I say to you all:
Worship Worship Worship Worship Worship Worship Worship Worship Worship Worship

RE: Memorial Day 2020 - Tyson Rayles - 05-25-2020

What Don said!!!!!!!!!!