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N Scale Layout - RobertInOntario - 10-06-2020

Thanks for your feedback earlier re wiring of my N scale layout -- https://bigbluetrains.com/showthread.php?tid=9192

I think I can manage to keep it running simply by soldering when & where necessary. I've now got it out of storage and it's running well. I had been just recently using a 00 (HO) switching layout but am planning to improve and add to this British N scale layout over the fall & winter. 

I'm expecting a long COVID period so will have lots of time to focus on this! Does anyone else have any "COVID" railway projects they're planning to work on over the next few months?


RE: N Scale Layout - Tyson Rayles - 10-07-2020

We don't have a covid period here. Life really hasn't changed much. I did work part time but took furlough because of the virus. But that just meant I play golf more often! Big Grin That said I am getting back to work on my layout as 1 to 1 projects have been caught up on for now anyway.

RE: N Scale Layout - ezdays - 10-07-2020

No change here either. When you're retired, every day seems the same, only difference now is that some of the doctor visits are by video or phone, and when you do go out, you can't recognize or understand anyone. Nope

RE: N Scale Layout - RobertInOntario - 10-07-2020

Thanks for your comments above! Interesting. COVID is pretty bad in Toronto & Ontario (around 500-700 new cases per day right now). But life does carry on. I'm still working although one aspect (or category) of my work is quieter. Still, we're not allowed to socialize in large groups and have to stick with people in our family, within our bubble, etc. And, apart from outdoor activities (hiking in my case) there isn't as much to do. Even most heritage railways are closed & all model train shows are cancelled. :-(. SO all of this leaves more time for personal model railroading.