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2021 SWD Summer Convention - Schraddel - 08-09-2021


there are still possibilities of activities of normal social life in a Covid19 afflicted world. Here in Germany lockdown and assembly ban was suspended and so it was the chance to have a modular convention. The Fremo Southwest Division took the chance and organized it' first convention since October 2019. We had to comply with hygenical and offical orders, but at least we had our modular convention.

[Image: dsc04697iqkez.jpg]
Wednesday teh first packets of modules arriving in the hall, some of them were also already built up.

[Image: dsc04700dzkt2.jpg]
This is Loop Yard just loaded out of the car. Some survival assets of the owner too.

[Image: dsc0470486jys.jpg]

[Image: dsc047066pjuy.jpg]
That is what i call planning! Goldth

[Image: dsc04711fbjws.jpg]
Thursday afternoon the Loop Yard was pretty full of trains. In the foreground the Zepyhr in full length, on the track behind a 12 metres (39.4 ft) through train of covered hoppers.

[Image: dsc04710o2jom.jpg]
One of the locos to move those trains.

My partipication of this convention was the reason because i was not active here.


RE: 2021 SWD Summer Convention - ezdays - 08-10-2021

That is neat Lutz, glad you are now able to get together and enjoy running trains again. Thanks for sharing, I'm not sure when, or if, we'll have meetings like this around here, I seldom hear about them regardless since I'm not a member of any group or club.

RE: 2021 SWD Summer Convention - Tyson Rayles - 08-11-2021

Good to see some people can get together to enjoy the hobby!