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Toothpaste tubes - ezdays - 05-03-2022

Just curious, but some time ago I wondered if there was a use for used toothpaste tubes so I collected a few. When cut open the become a thin, small sheet of pliable plastic that is silver on one side. I think I threw them away when I realized that for N scale, they scale as over an inch and a half thick and wouldn't work for what I wanted to do. They measure around 6" x 4" x .01".

I'm wondering if any of you have used this material for anything? I cut one up again thinking it could be used maybe as tin siding or roofing material or shape it for scenery. Not sure how it would glue up or hold paint, but I'll find out.


RE: Toothpaste tubes - FiatFan - 05-04-2022

Interesting thought, Don. I wonder if anyone uses metal tubes anymore. That might be a more useful material for us.


RE: Toothpaste tubes - ezdays - 05-04-2022

(05-04-2022, 05:27 AM)FiatFan Wrote: Interesting thought, Don.  I wonder if anyone uses metal tubes anymore.  That might be a more useful material for us.


The only metal ones that I'm aware of are for those small tubes of modeler's glue since it could erode plastic. This plastic material is pliable and seems to retain its shape when you bend it. Still looking for a practical application for it though. Just food for thought.... Waiting