Fox Valley Models Nscale ES44AC
A review update and correction: I mentioned the number boards are not illuminated and that is partially correct. The front boards are illuminated, while the rear ones are not (or they're so dim they don't appear to be illuminated). Sorry for the confusion. After running each engine separately and paired, the engine performance has improved slightly, or at least they're starting to sound better with less growl. The only thing is, when MU'd as a pair, every now and again they'll loose the dcc signal and stop on the tracks until the throttle is repositioned, then start back up again. I'm guessing the culprit is my track, not the 6-pin dcc decoder or the engines. Although, I haven't found the track cause, it makes the most sense that there's a track connection problem. I haven't noticed this sudden stoppage when the engines run separately on different throttles, only when MU'd together on one throttle.

Thanks Nutbar! I fly all over, and make a stop in Canada now and again and will certainly keep that in mind. Cheers

I have not seen the Canadian Pacific engine in person yet, but I'm guessing that would be a smart looking engine. I have the Kato AC4400 and Athearn's CN SD70 version from a few years back, both look pretty nice, but I think this Fox Valley version would look the best when compared to them.

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