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Eastern style forest & steep ridges
Several members have inquired about my trees and panels they saw leaning up against the backdrop. In the following posts I will try to explain. These trees ARE NOT fine scale modeling (for that I will gladly defer to Pete and Shamus), but simply my way to cover large areas in a reasonable amount of time and at a reasonable cost while getting nice if not great results. Now about those panels. Underneath them are staging tracks and I have about 4" from edge of tracks to backdrop. First I cut 2 long panels and scroll cut them across the top.


When I started to plant trees I realized a ridge that long wouldn't look right if the whole ridge stayed at the same angle. I made some V type cuts then on every other panel cut 2" off the bottom (the shorter panels would now lean in farther then the others).


To plant the trees on the "ridges" I used toothpicks. The ridges are 1/2" thick so the toothpick is at a slight angle leaning out. To correct this I put the toothpicks into the "trees" at a slight angle from back to front so the trees wouldn't be leaning also. The picture shows how severe the angle of the "ridges" are, 4" is not a lot to work with. However you can't really see it from that angle normally, if it would be viewed from that angle regularly you can shorten' the ridges to lower the angle.


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