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Probably the best and easiest program to use for this is a DTP (desktop publishing) one. MS Publisher is included in some packages, but the one I've been using for years is Serif's PagePlus. I used to do beta testing on this software up until a few years ago when I figured being retired didn't include do that anymore. There is a "starter edition" on their website which is free. Here is the link to it:
I don't know what their starter edition has since I've always used their full editions. Just so you know, I created the Big Blue logo using this software as well as my badge on the first page of this thread. With DTP software, you can paste just about anything onto your work and add text and move it around or resize it to your liking. I also use Serif's PhotoPlus for my pictures, but I don't think they have a free version of that one.
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