Module construction as per HOTrak
This diagram shows the main components (from bottom to top) frame, support, and foam.

The dimensions:

Foam - 2" thick extruded foam, 22.5"W x 3'10.5"L

Support - 1/4" plywood, 22.5"W x 3'10.5"L
Cut the supports for underneath from the rectangles cut out of the middle of the support layer plywood.

Frame is constructed of 1x4 or 1x5 (nominal) pine. The end plates are the full 24" width, with the sides 3'10.5" (since 1x wood is actually only 3/4" thick).

Glue and screw the wood frame together. Using a large flat surface like a table or floor, turn it so it is "upside down" and fit the foam in to the bottom. This will ensure that the top is flat when you turn it back over.

Fit the support rectangle in against the foam, and glue with something like Gorilla glue that will bond the foam to the wood. Be careful because the Gorilla glue expands as it cures, and can push things out of alignment.

Lastly, add the strips up against the support layer.

There are many ways to wire, connect track, and join the modules together. Some people add alignment pins and so on to ensure they go together precisely every time.


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