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Peco Switch Shorts in DCC & Shim Flangewayss
I visited a fairly large club layout today in Palatka, FL. I noticed they were using lots of Pecos which has plastic frogs....insulfrog. I noticed they DID NOT use insulated jointers on their track. They run DCC, and all seemed to work fine.

It did appear that they had coated the frog area with something,...I believe someone may have  mentioned nail polish.
I think Bill's solution with the very thin vinyl sign shop tape is the most appealing to me. as a back up perhaps also utilize some insulated rail joiners on some of them, But where does one find some decent ones that aren't those big bulky soft plastic ones?

I also intend to add shims to the flangeway guides on a number of mine, particularly were I will run steam engines and where I will use smaller radi turnouts. I've experimented with both metal shim material and plastic by K&S. I'm leaning towards the plastic material. If one were shimming a fair number of these turnouts, can they suggest a good procedure for getting the shim bonded thoroughly to the guide plastic??...perhaps some sort of teflon shim that could hold the plastic shim tight against the stock guide while gluing it,...without have the whole mess glued together??

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