GERN TurfMaster Grass Blaster...
(08-23-2020, 06:16 AM)Tyson Rayles Wrote: ....I wonder how long the standing grass lasts before it starts to fall down?

I'd guess that a decent snowfall, once melted, will leave it looking pretty flat. Misngth

The key to getting it to stand up when applying it is a decent ground.  I've used a variety of metal objects, but the best results were with a hole drilled into the plaster-on-screen landforms, and the nail or wire plugged into the hole.  The strength of the current will determine the area of coverage, and eventually the nail will need to be relocated if more area needs to be covered.  A bit of coarse-ground foam can do duty as a weed to hide the hole, but I think that a scale-size groundhog could enhance the scene, too.

My grandkids often like to touch the grass, and are quite gentle when doing so, and it seems to stand-up well enough, although I think that a heavy-handed pass would require re-sodding.

I do have some areas where the grass looks as if a large herd of cattle (or maybe moose) have slept on it,leaving it pretty-much flattened - the cause was insufficient grounding and/or operator error. 35


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