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My beautiful wife spent five days last week with her daughter in Union City, TN. While traveling about, she stopped at a map store that was closing. She picked up a Roadmap Guide to railroads and railroad museums for the Northeastern states. It not only has maps, but all sorts of other cool stuff. It is published by Coop's Maps in Flagstaff, AZ. (that's fifty miles north of where I used to live!) Eek She also brought back "SPV's Comprehensive Railroad Atlas of North America." It's of the Appalachia and Piedmont Railroad area, and it lists all of the railroads, including the present ones, that operated or are operating in this area. Has lots of maps, too! (I love maps!!) Big Grin She bought a travel guide to all of the North American lighthouses, too, but, for some reason they left out the Tillamook light house in Oregon. :o BTW: I hope to begin running some trains pretty soon! I finally got some of the wall paneling in place, so now all I have to do is set up some of the "benchwork." (tables)
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WoW...That wife of yours is a "keeper".... Goldth
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