Downtown Orlando, Fl
MountainMan Wrote:
Paulman Wrote:I did make it out to the Bengert Street area to photograph the RBBB flats.
[Image: rbbb01.jpg]

They're nestled into a double siding and feature an interesting drop ramp feature that links them into long connected platforms to ease loading and unloading.
[Image: rbbb03.jpg]

Moving a few miles away and back onto the mainline, here we are at the intersection of 441 (Orange Blossom Trail) and Carder Ave. Buildings don't get quite as fanciful in Orlando as they do in Miami, but every now and then you enounter one to warm the heart of a Mindheim. This is a furniture store called Marge's.
[Image: marge01.jpg]

At the back side of Marge's is the Carder siding, which FCEN uses to park cars it isn't using. Every now and then it pulls one off the other end when it needs one, then brings it back for another long spell.
[Image: marge02.jpg]

Like this aging kitten:
[Image: hlmx86004.jpg]

BTW can anyone ID the make of this car? Is it a Greenville?

Screen says images no longer available?? :?

Sadly, those photos would be very useful when building my switching layout. Sad
Sorry, imageshack stops hosting them if no one loads them in a year. I don't think I could reconstruct all these at this point... Sad

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