I gotta get out more often
Hello Everyone---I finally took some time to do some railfanning and I'm glad I did.My first stop was Stuart St. in Hamilton and I was in for a surprise.

[Image: 013-1.jpg]

[Image: 007.jpg]

Next stop---Bayview Juction.In the span of an hour,a few trains passed by including the elusive "Turd"---here's a few photos showing the action

[Image: 015-1.jpg]

[Image: 019.jpg]

[Image: 021-1.jpg]

[Image: 022.jpg]

[Image: 025.jpg]

[Image: 033.jpg]

[Image: 032-1.jpg]

[Image: 030.jpg]
Great pix! My son & I went to Bayview Junction about two years ago & had an excellent morning/early-afternoon watching freight train operations. We saw one train about every 10 minutes.

Hope to get back there soon.

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Hey Nutbar .Great pictures.I see you got a couple of shots of that CEFX loco.There are 2 of them there .They are rebuilt GP20s.There on loan for an evaluation to see if they can do the job.They are powered with Cat power and use 2,000 horse.one will pull 60 loaded cars with ease.But one is in the shop and the one on the north track is broke down.Seems it has electrical problems.So far not much of an evaluation. MartyG

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