My Hometown---Part 2
BR60103 Wrote:
cn nutbar Wrote:Here's some present day shots showing some old and newer motive power
Well, that's all the diesels. Where's the old motive power?

He was taking the pictures. Misngth Icon_lol Misngth Icon_lol Misngth

Hello Everyone--- a great spot to watch trains in Hamilton Ontario is the Canadian Pacific Kinnear yard at the corner of Lawrence Rd. and Gage Ave---there's even a snack-bar (and washroom) right on location--as always,be aware of trespassing notices.Here's some shots of todays action.

[Image: P1070189.jpg]

[Image: P1070186.jpg]

[Image: P1070193.jpg]

[Image: P10701972.jpg]

[Image: P1070201.jpg]

[Image: P1070205.jpg]

[Image: P1070209.jpg]

[Image: P1070211.jpg]
Hello Everyone---on Friday I had a few errands to do so I brought my camera just in case---I'm glad I did as the action was pretty good---here's some examples

[Image: P10702143.jpg]

[Image: P10702152.jpg]

[Image: P10702163.jpg]

[Image: P10702173.jpg]

[Image: P1070219.jpg]

[Image: P1070224.jpg]

[Image: P1070228.jpg]

[Image: P1070227.jpg]

[Image: P1070231.jpg]

[Image: P1070232.jpg]
Man..!! You sure do get to see a wide variety of trains up your way.... Goldth

What is that orange monstrocity 4 pics up from the last..??
Gus (LC&P).
Hi Gus---thanks for responding.The 'orange monstrosity" and the accompaning caboose is a Schnabel car owned by Hydro One---it's used to transport electrical transformers---it was a rare find as I haven't seen one of these cars before---I wish I could have gotten some better pictures.Lately there has been a number of leased locomotives on the Canadian Pacific making for some interesting lash-ups.As well,the Canadian National has been running the 2100's---ex Union Pacific locomotives and once in a while a leased unit will show up

[Image: P10700012.jpg]

[Image: P1070007.jpg]

[Image: P1070002.jpg]

There's also a variety of locomotives doing the switching jobs at Stuart St.

[Image: P1070179.jpg]

[Image: P1070173.jpg]
Nice pictures Ed. It's about tome for me to get out for a day too, just can't get the time now I'm retired.
Hello---Railink GP38 #3873 caught at Stuart St. today

[Image: P1070319.jpg]
Hello Everyone---here's some shots for the Canadian Pacific fans taken today at Kinnear yard

[Image: P1070505.jpg]

[Image: P1070508.jpg]

[Image: P1070513.jpg]

[Image: P1070515.jpg]
How do you get so close? Do you have permission to enter the property and snap photos?
Hello Tetters---There are trespassing signs at Kinnear yard and I have always obeyed them---I never venture beyond the fence that parallels the tracks.Fortunately,Lawrence Road also runs quite a distance in an easterly direction parallel to the tracks so there are a lot of good spots to take photos---just be aware of the traffic.If you ever go to Kinnear yard in Hamilton,you can park your car near the snack bar (Gage Ave.S. at Lawrence Road) and walk along on the south side of Lawrence Rd. which is a designated bike path---lots of photo opportunities.Here's a couple more shots at Kinnear yard.

[Image: P1070228.jpg]

[Image: P1070504.jpg]
In honour of all Naval personnel past and's another of Hamilton's treasures---HMCS Haida

[Image: P1070970.jpg]

The train action was pretty good as well---here's a few scenes

[Image: P1070960.jpg]

[Image: P1070964.jpg]

[Image: P1070967.jpg]

[Image: P1070973.jpg]

[Image: P1070983.jpg]
Hello Everyone--- a few shots taken today at a couple of my favourite train watching locations--- Kinnear Yard and Bayview

[Image: P1080046.jpg]

[Image: P1080050.jpg]

[Image: P1080056.jpg]
I dunno, is 3840 there enough power to move that scale test car? Icon_lol

Modeling the Reading Railroad of the 1950's in HO

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Hello Everyone---it was a perfect day to watch trains---except there were no trains.Here's my vantage point waiting for a train to come along.I waited for an hour or so hoping for some action without any luck.

[Image: P1080094.jpg]

[Image: P1080095.jpg]
Hi Ed,
That turnout looks to be as high speed as any I have ever seen, just guessing it is 130 ft from the point to the frog. Do you know the speed limit through that crossover?

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